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Yankees need to copycat the Red Sox

Enduring the New York Yankees losing the first game of the 2013 season to the Boston Red Sox was not fun.

Will Middlebrooks - Boston - 2013 Navy Alternate

Will Middlebrooks – Boston – 2013 Navy Alternate (Photo credit: BaseballBacks)

How the Yankees succeeded in sustaining the depressing mood felt during the 2012 ALCS is beyond me.

Opening Day is the only game in the 162-game season that every fan-base is assured baseball happiness so it hurt.


Over in Beantown, Red Sox fans surely had a ball watching not only their team beat-up the Yankees but getting a first glimpse of a bright future.

The Red Sox starting line-up featured two prospects that put their talents on display.

One, a 24-year old third baseman named Will Middlebrooks, and the other was Jackie Bradley, a 22-year old outfielder.

Middlebrooks made his Red Sox début last season after only playing 16 games in Triple-A, which many thought he would need a full season before coming up full-time.

But with Boston still reeling from the disaster of 2011, and with little hope for postseason contention the Red Sox brought up Middlebrooks regardless of his total inexperience.

Now eight months later, Middlebrooks is the Red Sox starting third baseman. This obviously translated that taking a chance bringing Middlebrooks up went extraordinarily well.

After his stint in 2012, Middlebrooks left Red Sox fans with much anticipation and excitement of what not only his future beholds but also that of the entire farm system as an influx of talent was coming.

Middlebrooks didn’t do anything at the plate in his team’s 8-2 win, but I learned post game that Middlebrooks had a 102 fever prior to game time so he gets a pass.

As for Bradley, Opening Day was his first game as a major leaguer but you would not have guessed it as this kid looked spectacular.

Though he went hitless, Bradley drew three walks, had one RBI, scored two runs and made an impressive catch in the outfield that even the Yankees looked stunned by.


If you hadn’t noticed, not one Yankees prospect made the 25-man roster out of Spring Training.

Apparently not much has changed in New York as proven by the desperate trade for 34-year old outfielder Vernon Wells.

The Yankees did not seem to mind that the Angels were paying Wells $30+million to get out-of-town. That goes along with the $14 million the Yankees owe him over the next two seasons.

The desperation to avoid giving one of the youngsters a shot makes no sense to me at all.

The Yankees have no real reason to not give a prospect a chance except their own paranoia.

For instance why did 26-year old Melky Mesa make the roster?

Mesa is a defensive gem in the outfield and he is fast on the base pads, which was what Hal Steinbrenner said the team was focusing on this season. But Mesa was designated to Triple-A for Ben Francisco and Brendan Boesch as the team’s fourth outfielder.

Yes, Mesa suffers from a high strikeout rate but so does Middlebrooks.

Actually looking at both players batting stats, they are very similar as they both hit for power too.

Below are the batting stats for four of the top Yankees prospects, the two Red Sox’s above and I also threw in Orioles Manny Machado who at 20-years of age is the team’s starting third baseman this season.

This should tell you that the Yankees are mishandling these kids, unless they are being kept down on the farm with trading in mind.

I want to see what some of these kids can do as their true potential remains hidden and it is unfair. Other teams do not treat top prospects like this.

Please note…

– Machado also skipped Triple-A completely when called up by the Orioles at the end of 2012 season. Machado played in 21 total games in the majors in 2013.

– Middlebrooks stats are from his 2011 season because it was his last full season in the minors, but the others are from last season.  

Melky MesaNYY262012121502458791212622367224361180.2640.3250.4800.805220
Slade HedgecottNYY22201265265232417018252919425700.3020.3800.4610.841107
Mason WilliamsNYY21201291397359681072241135201324470.2980.3460.4740.820170
Tyler AustinNYY21201211047241392133356178023251980.3220.4000.5590.960231
Jackie BradleyBOS2220121285754639014642496324987890.3150.4300.4820.911223
Manny MachadoBAL20201210945940260107265115913448700.2660.3520.4380.789176
Will MiddlebrooksBOS242011116472439621252612394101261140.2850.3280.5060.834222
All stats courtesy of baseball-reference.com.





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  1. Pete says:

    Bosox traded the Babe to NY, maybe we trade you back to the Sox since you admire them so much.

    • LLP says:

      Pete – you need to be more open minded. Stating my opinion that the Yankees need to make some changes is not a crime, it is just reality. Over the last 12 years, the Red Sox have produced serious talent from their farm system, the Yankees have not had close to that success because they leave them down in the minors for too long. They are afraid that the youngsters might lose trade value, and for that reason the Yankees keep guys with potential in the minors. Time to give these guys a chance….as not only the Red Sox but numerous other teams have proven the huge upside when you find one or two stars.

  2. Richard says:

    After 1 game we need to be like the Sox. Yep we won 95 games last year after starting 0-3. Sox were 20+ under .500. Yep we need to just like them. Good job Kate.

    • LLP says:

      Richard I never said be just like Boston. I said copy the way the Red Sox deal with prospects and for the Yankees not to be so scared by youth and inexperience. This is not only a Red Sox thing, as so many teams in MLB bring up guys from the farm system successfully. The Yankees did not need Wells or Boesch when they have guys like Mesa and Hedgecott, who I believe would thrive in the bigs.
      Especially Hedgecott as I have watched this kid and he is the real deal.

      Mesa has been in the Yankees farm system for 7 years, which in my mind is ridiculous. He hit 23 homers last season; is a plus defender who is fast and can steal bags. Yes, he strikeouts but that is improving.

      Bottom line is if I were a prospect, I would not want to come up with the Yankees. Play for them of course but the way they handle their up and comers needs to be improved big time.

      The only enjoyable aspect of watching the Red Sox beat up on the Yankees in the last two games was watching Middlebrooks and Bradley.

      • Richard says:

        Mesa is not listed in anyone's top 10 yankee prospects, not even in some top 20. They must know something you don't.

        We had this guy named Montero, now we have Nunez and a slew of others 1-2 years away. Wells was a surprise but so was Ichiro last year. If they start producing they will form a nice bridge. We get it you don't like anyone over 30 (except Cano)

        • LLP says:

          Richard – Mesa's numbers in minors last season were darn good minus his strikeouts. He is a defensive gem too so the point I was making was why he didn't make the roster as the 4th outfielder. Mesa has been down on the farm for 7 seasons already…..I just want to see if the Yankees have a hidden gem down there. Especially because so many other teams have had success giving some youngsters a chance. Mesa not being in the top 20 makes no sense to me. Could it do with his service time in the minors, maybe?

          And FYI…age doesn't bother me as look what Pettitte did last night. WOW! But the Yankees have prospects that other teams would already consider major league ready and this is the time for the Yankees to try something different.

          • Richard says:

            The way we are dropping like flies, we are a hamstring away from bringing him or somebody up. We need a Wally Pipp moment!!!

  3. Kathrin says:

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