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Yankees continue to beat themselves

10-wins = 72 LOB

Heading into last night’s game the Yankees were the hottest team in baseball until the Bombers bombed, losing 4-3 to the Atlanta Braves last night; and here we go again.

The moaning about the nine runners the Yankees left on base has already been resonating all over twitter. Luckily most fans don’t seem to know that the actual number is 19 because if a player is on second base for two at-bats in a row it only counts once for the team total. Yikes!

This once again just proves how much a ‘W’ can mask; and how much a ‘L’ can expose because the Yankees have left runners on base all season long. And actually might have set a record during their just broken 10-game winning streak.

Hey, the numbers speak for themselves:

Please note that this is TEAM LOB, which is a lot kinder of a number. For example in last night’s loss, the Yankees really left men on base 19 times, as leaving the same guy on base for two at-bats only counts as one for team LOB.

All stats are courtesy of MLB.com.

Ironic isn’t it that the hottest team in the AL can’t hit with runners in scoring position.

The Yankees are posting a .218 RISP, which is dead last right behind the Seattle Mariners who have a .235 RISP; and that is pathetic.

Crazy that the Yankees lead baseball with 101 homers, but are posting a .181 batting average with the bases loaded, which is the worst in the AL.

Well, like I’ve said before the starting pitching has never been the main problem, as last night was a perfect example because Hiroki Kuroda pitched well. The Braves did tag out to runners at home plate so the Yankees are getting closer, I guess.

And now with the rotation posting a 2.17 ERA in the month of June, the Yankee bats are showing that they still can’t get the clutch hits.

You would think that with the Yankees batting order that the pitching would not have to be perfect to get any recognition, but that has been the issue all season.

Until the Yankee hitters stop leaving their teammates out to dry on the base paths, expect a lot of highs and lows for the rest of the season.

So, I guess the recent surge can be chalked up to timing even though the Yankees did get their first win without a homer.

Whether the Yankees are taking baby steps, or just relying on miracles is what they need to figure out; or else this is going to be a long season.

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  1. Leo B says:

    live by the long , die by it. What happened to small ball? Didn't they pratice in spring training?