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Yankees: Checking up on Robbie

Robinson Cano

Robinson Cano (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

How’s Robinson Cano don’t you want to know?

Well, I certainly do and will be keeping tabs on the ex-New York Yankees, All-Star second baseman all season long and then some.

The privilege of calling Cano one of my favorite Yankees might have ripped from under me, hence the Seattle Mariners uniform he will be sporting for the next decade, but that won’t stop me from always being his fan.

Regardless of not knowing the details, it was clear there was some bad blood between Cano and the Yankees front office.

And how do I know this?

Well, I am the smartest person on earth…kidding.

You don’t have to be Einstein to figure out the Yankees never had any intention of signing Cano this past the off-season. The off for 7-years at $170 million was a poor attempt to save face.

So I do not blame Cano for bolting to Seattle, as the Yankees practically packed his bags anyway.

Bottom line is when the Yankees want a player; they go above and beyond to make sure it happens.

And all of my suspicions were confirmed the moment I learned that Jacoby Ellsbury’s deal goes up to 8-years and $168 million bucks.

Ellsbury is already nursing a sore right calf, while Cano has yet to miss a game or be injured in his nine-year career.

The Yankees will look back and kick themselves for letting Cano walk. As the Yankees could have had Cano for 8-years and $200 million, and they know it so they never offered it.

Ok enough, as what’s done is done.

So how is our old friend Cano doing this Spring Training over in Scottsdale, Arizona?

Robinson Cano - 2014 Spring Training Batting Stats

(Stats come courtesy of MLB.com)

All I can say is this guy is on FIRE, and having one of the best Spring Training’s ever!!

Could this be the season Cano finally gets his first MVP?

It is a tad premature, as it is just ST but remember where you heard this first…I predict Cano will win the 2014 AL MVP Award.

No you didn’t!!!


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  1. Steve Karsay says:

    I have to think he will be inspired to put up a big year one of his monster deal to quell the nay-sayers (and to stick it to us), but I can't see him getting MVP. My moneys on Trout. That guy fills every column on the stat sheet.

    As they say in football he can block, tackle, score the TD, kick the extra point, fill the gatoraid cooler, and paint your back porch. Thats Mike Trout just in baseball lol.

    • LLP says:

      Agreed Steve…but he will miss the Yankees, but you can bet the Yankees will miss Cano even more. Just imagine if they had signed Cano…Yanks would hands-down be the 2014 AL East favorites.

  2. Lightnin49 says:

    He's a Mariner, who cares! Time to move on folks.

  3. RJB says:

    Cano is a quality player. However, in the Mariner lineup he will be pitched around and will not put up the numbers to be MVP. In addition, his team as constructed will not be a contender and the time zone he plays in will limit his media exposure. There will be no MVP for Robbie this year.