Yankees: Cheaters never win except if you are Bartolo Colon - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees: Cheaters never win except if you are Bartolo Colon - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees: Cheaters never win except if you are Bartolo Colon - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Yankees: Cheaters never win except if you are Bartolo Colon

Bartolo Colón

Bartolo Colón (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yankee fans know Bartolo Colon as the chubby pitcher who donned the Yankee pinstripes back in 2011.

Colon was on the hill in Oakland last night, and threw six full innings allowing just three hits eventually leading his Athletics to a 6-4 beating of New York. For his part, Colon performance was as solid as can be.

The 40-year old righty has been defying the odds all season long.  His ridiculous numbers, like walking only seven batters all year is certainly not going unnoticed.

Here are a few recent quotes written about Colon:

“It’s easy to view Colon as a guy at the end of his career, but hey, maybe not. He’s pitching beautifully for the A’s, maybe better than last year.” – 05/27/2013 – Mercury News.

“Colon was dealing on his way to improving his record to 6-2 (All-Star Game anyone?)”05/31/2013 NBC’s Comcast SportsNet

“Some say that 40 is the new 30, but for Oakland starter Bartolo Colon the milestone age has him pitching more like a 20-year-old.” – 05/31/2013 FOX SPORTS

“Bartolo Colon was spectacular…” – 06/01/2013 FOX SPORTS

 “Where does Bartolo Colon’s season so far rank in baseball history in terms of his ability to not walk batters?” – 06-12-2013 – SB Nation

“It was a nice story after Colon’s 50-game suspension and humble return to the A’s in the spring, but as summer approaches, Colon is an integral part of the starting rotation.” – 06/12/2013 – Bleacher Report – on what Colon should be an All-Star.

No doubt Colon is the A’s ace and having a great year, but aren’t we forgetting something?

And I am not talking to those fans that believe that Colon must have a remarkable work ethic because you are just crazy.

I am referring to the guy who back in 2009, at 36-years old was on his way out of baseball.

In case you forgot, Colon started declining the year after he won the 2005 AL CY Young. As the four seasons following being the AL’s best pitcher the most starts he made in a single season was 19.

The reason being Colon spent more time on the DL than on the mound.

He was suffering from major elbow and right shoulder pain, which in turn did significant damage to his rotator cuff, ligaments and tendons.

The injuries were so detrimental that Colon could no longer pitch after the 2009 season. Colon did not throw a pitch in 2010, nor did he sign with any MLB team.

It was clear that Colon’s time was up, but he could have proudly hung up his glove knowing he had a solid baseball career.

But instead, Colon had some progressive surgery done in his hometown of the Dominican Republic that basically resulted in taking the kryptonite out of a room with Superman.

Colon came back in 2011 and made 29 starts for the Yankees, but the mystery remains exactly how.

The surgery was preformed by an American licensed doctor, but about why it was done in the DR is unclear.

MLB claimed they requested Colon’s medical records and were investigating whether he was given any PEDs during that time, but nothing ever came of it.

Fast-forward to last season, when the A’s picked up Colon. By August, he had logged 24 starts, with an ERA of 3.43 before testing positive for synthetic testosterone.

He had to serve the mandatory 50-game suspension that MLB doles out to first time PED (performance enhancing drugs) violators and that was that.

Colon never issued a public apology to A’s fans; nor did he get ripped to shreds by the media for cheating. The story was in the news but it phased out faster than Derek Jeter switches girlfriends.

So upon returning this season, Colon is right back to where he left off when he won the 2005 CY Young. He is breaking A’s records and serious throwing heat clocking in regularly at 95-96 mph.

Thus far, ESPN ranks Colon as the 23rd best pitching in baseball so far this season. Here are his current stats (courtesy of ESPN.com):

Bartolo Colon - 2013 Pitching Stats

The question I cannot seem to understand, and maybe you can help me with is how baseball fans are ok with this guy getting praised for winning?

Colon cheated last season, only to come back even better this season.

His name has been mentioned in the infamous Biogenesis Clinic investigation but not like A-rod and Ryan Braun.

There was no news that MLB is slapping Colon with a 100 game suspension if this Biogenesis stuff proves legit. And as a second offender you would automatically get 100 game ban so in a sense Colon should be banned from baseball if MLB deems him guilty again.

A-Rod has no failed test. He came forward and faced the consequences back in 2009, which could not have been easy. He is relentlessly chastised by the press, fans and everyone else when A-Rod hasn’t even failed a darn test..

This is all while a proven cheater is getting All-Star nods and is being given the benefit of the doubt about his true involvement with scumbag Anthony Bosch who owned the now torrid anti-aging clinic.

What I don’t get is how MLB is allowing this to happen?

Both the fans and MLB have dragged A-rod’s name through the mud, and the guy hasn’t even played in a game this season due to a hip injury.

Bottom line is Colon is a proven steroid user that is mowing down batting lineups this season.

He is overweight and overage and miraculously is having a second coming.

If MLB wants to clean up the sport they ruined than it is time to play fair here. Colon is allowed to start every fifth day, and beat teams who are not taking PEDs to win. As reality is odds are Colon is not playing authentically.

Evidently, MLB must not consider Colon as newsworthy as they kind of folded on their investigation into that sketchy surgery he had back in 2010.

Look a fact is a fact my friend, and Colon, along with Braun is the other least creditable guy on the list of players linked with the Biogenesis investigation.

Now how MLB, the media and baseball fans can just brush Colon aside completely boggles my mind, as once again this shows an ugly side to this game we all love.

This man failed a test last season, but everyone still thinks A-rod is the biggest cheater, and that is just ridiculous. I hope if A-Rod comes back swinging he gets as much praise as Colon.

And if you think I am whining about the Yankees lost due Colon’s stellar performance last night, I will admit you probably have a valid point.

But what so wrong about wanting things to be fair?

I will leave you with a few more praiseworthy quotes about Colon this season:

“If last year taught us anything about Colon it is to be careful reading into his numbers and assuming he is clean. That may not be a fair assumption, including the innocent until proven guilty plea, but there is something to be said about a 40 year old player throwing up some of the best numbers of his career.” – 05/31/2013 Fan Side

“Let’s just accept that nothing can stop Bartolo Colon these days: not science, not gravity, not logic.” – 06-12-2013 – Yahoo Sports


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  1. Richard says:

    The question I cannot seem to understand, and maybe you can help me with is how baseball fans are ok with this guy getting praised for winning?

    There is NO proof he is cheating. When you compare anyone to A–rod you will be disappointed.. Life is not fair.A -rod + most ridiculous contract + NY media = You loose – period.

    If A-rod ever plays again, carries this team again ( which Cano can't), he will be loved again. Quit being so whiney.

  2. chris says:

    Spoken like a true Yankee deadbeat fan, Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte both cheated as well as other Yankee players, cheating is not new so get a grip and get over it

  3. Ben says:

    I have always hated Red Sox fans because the cry and bitch about everything. Yankee fans I had always thought were better… Until this sad article. Please Yankee fans don't ever cry about whats fair and whats not. You have always been about winning rings and thats what I respected.
    A die hard A's fan

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