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Yankees: Cheap bullpen exposed already

Mariano Rivera celebrates a victory against th...

Mariano Rivera celebrates a victory against the Baltimore Orioles on August 31, 2009 by shaking catcher Jorge Posada’s hand. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The significance of a bullpen reared its ugly head last night when the Yankees lost the rubber match between to the Orioles, 5-4.

Heading into the ninth inning tied at 3-3, the Orioles took advantage by scoring a pair of runs off reliever Shawn Kelley.

The Yankees attempted to answer back but only managed to score one run off a sac fly, and lost the game 5-4.

Reality bites, but if closer David Robertson had been available, the Yankees odds of winning the game, and taking the series go up dramatically.

D-Rob’s experience and career numbers vs. the active Orioles line-up compared to Kelley’s, and the rest of the bullpen lack there of proves it.

(All stats courtesy of baseball-reference.com)

Career Pitching Stats vs. Active Orioles Bats
David Robertson898018205139330.2250.3030.4380.741
Shawn Kelley453811202105100.2890.3640.5000.864

The real blame for this loss falls directly on the Yankees brass and front office for not acquiring insurance for D-Rob during the off-season.

Spending so recklessly to improve the team, only to skimp out on the bullpen prior to their first season without Mariano Rivera is already proving irresponsible.

Especially when bullpen stars like Fernando Rodney,  Grant Balfour and Joe Smith were available, and wouldn’t have made D-Rob’s status so do-or-die.

Last night is what I call an avoidable loss.

And honestly, teams in the AL East cannot afford any hiccups if they plan to win a postseason berth.

Starter Masahiro Tanaka did give up a three-run homer in the second, but he settled in fanning 10 O’s over 7 innings, and kept the Yankees in the game.

Bottom line is this should have, could have, and would have been a walk-off-win for the Yankees if they had been better prepared in case D-Rob went down or gets overwhelmed.

I will leave you with a funny, Tigers fan tweet from last season to help you get my point.


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  1. Richard says:

    I get your point without the tweet ( and I doubt they really meant it). Mo blew a few saves as well. Your BFF Phelpsy looked real good last night. Are you ever going to praise the bullpen when they do well or just criticize when they blow 1 save.

    Maybe the offense could help a little bit more – ya think?

  2. RICHARD says:

    WHAT BAD BULLPEN!!!!!!!!!

    As of 4/13, out of 14 teams in AL, the yankees bullpen ranks in AL 4th lowest in WHIP, 5th in BAA, tied first 1st in saves, 6th in RA ( even with that blow out game).

    You should know better than to make broad stroke comments after 1 poor outing. Even 14 games is a small sample size. But at least my analysis is based on 100% games played to date.