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Yankees: CC-ing Dr. James Andrews oh my

English: CC Sabathia (left) and Mark Teixeira

English: CC Sabathia (left) and Mark Teixeira (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most baseball fans probably read this already either in the NY Daily News, NY Post or any national newspaper that New York Yankees fans ace CC Sabathia has an appointment with Dr. James Andrews this week.

The doctor’s visit is to get answers about why Sabathia’s left elbow, the one that landed on the 15-day DL back on August 11th, is still aching. An MRI revealed a bone spur, which the Yankees claim was there well before he was Yankee.

And in true Yankee brass form, GM Brian Cashman downplayed Sabathia’s upcoming check-up as “routine stuff.” So it came as no shocker that Cashman also told the NY Daily News that he’s “not at all” concerned about any ligament damage being found.

Well, problem is Sabathia does not share Cashman’s sentiments as the ace has expressed “a bit of concern” for his left arm. Sabathia admitted that he never experienced elbow pain before this past August, and that the pain had not gone away.

So, should Yankee fans be worried about Sabathia’s elbow?

My answer is yes, yes and yes; and if you know anything about the Yankees they are the kings of downplaying everything so don’t hold your breath on anything that comes from Cashman or skipper Joe Girardi.

Seeing Dr. Andrews is all I needed to hear, as it is no secret that he could also be deemed Dr. Tommy John, and is considered one of the top elbow specialists in the world.

See, Dr. Andrews has preformed more Tommy John surgeries than women Jeter and A-rod have dated combined. And that would be a lot.

What makes this a fact is that when I have read that a pitcher/player is heading down to see the famed doctor it usually means something is still wrong.

As over the years it seems that going to Dr. Andrews usually means the injury reemerged, or never healed fully. A team is seeking some magic that other doctors could not; or, at the very least, a different explanation or maybe just one at all.

Want some proof?

I was trying to avoid providing links to the many random articles on patients of Dr. Andrews, but I found some many that I couldn’t help it. And there is no way that you can’t have a good idea of what I am talking about after reading even two.

Articles from Fast Company

Please keep in mind that these were written back in 2008.

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The bottom line here is…. Take this as a pre-warning geared towards all the Yankee fans that believe Cashman’s comments verbatim about his level of concern about CC’s upcoming doctor’s appointment. But please note that I am not calling Cashman a liar as technically, since he is not a doctor, he can get away with being “unconcerned.”

And considering all the shock and awe us Yankee fans have been though in the last two weeks, I am mentally preparing myself that Sabathia could very well be headed for Dr. Andrews OR in the month of November.

Bone spur removal? Seems likely.

Tommy John? Hope not.

In life it is always great to hope for the best, but expect the worst.