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Yankees CC’d The Rays At The Trop

CC Sabathia took the mound like a man on a mission, as he shut down the Tampa Bay Rays and almost threw a no hitter.

Sabathia tore-up a Rays squad which includes Longoria, Crawford, Pena and Upton, not an easy task at all.

CC exited in the eighth inning with two outs, after his old Indians teammate Kelly Shoppach broke-up his near flawless performance, whacking a single into left field.

Tropicana Field was on its feet, to give the ace well earned praise for his outstanding performance. Just four outs shy of catching David Cone, who was the last Yankee to accomplish this feat in 1999.

CC Sabathia was pitching sound as a rock, and that is why he is the reigning ace of the World Series Champs.

Credit also goes to Francisco Cervelli, the Yankees rookie catcher who was so secure in his first start behind the plate. Along with Arod’s defense at third and Tex’s at first CC knew his team had his back.

Another Yankee got a much needed break-out after going 0-17 at the plate, as Mark Teixeira went 3-4 and Yankee Universe had a sigh of relief.

Early struggles at the plate  typical for Tex. It is common knowledge that Tex starts off slow, to a point where it is almost mandatory. Regardless of the past, it does not require the effort of witnessing this any easier.

Why is it so difficult if it is expected?

What makes it difficult to swallow is that Tex is a modest, a hard-worker, fiercely competitive, and just an all around decent guy. It would be hard to find a locker room that could not benefit from him. Mark Teixeira sets an example both as a person, and as a player.

Tex is one of the few exemplary players in the game today. Fans want athletes like Tex to succeed, so watching his frustrations is immensely moving.

The rest of the team all shared in the win.

Cano and Arod seem to be getting into the groove. Swisher is still hitting, and Granderson hit from the left with the bases loaded. The Captain had a RBI, and a stolen base, Garner had two hits, along with a steal.

The only worry from today is that Nick Johnson, the OBP machine went 0-4. Johnson still managed one walk and scored off it, but he has got to hit the ball down the stretch.

The message was clear the 2010 Yankee group keeps reinforcing their desire to win. The Yankees talked the talk about repeating in Spring Training, so to see them back it up on the field especially from the get-go makes it perfect.

Yankee fans should be quite pleased.

Final bashing 10-0 over the Rays.

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    1. Matt says:

      Great game today!

      • Kate says:

        It was nice to see the Yanks come back and let the baseball world know that they are ready to repeat in 2010.