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Yankees: CC Sabathia injury update

The New York Yankees placed pitcher CC Sabathia on the 15-day DL after an MRI confirmed that he has fluid build-up on his right knee.

Sabathia joins comrades Ivan Nova and Michael Pineda. Nova is out for the season after having Tommy John surgery; and Pineda went on the DL after straining a muscle in his back throwing a simulated game during his suspension for pine tar.

Pineda was expected to be back in a month, but skipper Joe Girardi confirmed, after losing the rubber match, 6-5 to the Brewers that the 2011 All-Star recovery will recovery will be longer.

The Yankees starting rotation has been decimated in the first six weeks of the season, as they have now used eight different starting pitchers.

But in all honesty, losing Sabathia might not be such a bad thing.

The former ace has been on the decline since 2013, and this season he has been the Yankees most unreliable starter.

CC Sabathia

CC Sabathia (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

In eight starts the southpaw is 3-4 and is posting a 5.28 ERA. Sabathia has been tagged for 27 runs, while giving up a league high of 10 home runs.

Last season after eight starts, Sabathia had allowed seven homers, 17 earned runs and posted an ERA of 3.23.

I believe that the cause for the Yankees ace rapid decline is a combination of his career number of innings pitched, his extreme recent weigh loss, and the surgery needed to remove bone shards from his elbow. Tacking on knee pain with all the above certainly doesn’t help.

Problem is this is the same knee Sabathia needed surgery on back after the 2010 season. And even though Sabathia’s says the symptoms are the same, the diagnosis came back as less severe.

I had fluid drained from my left knee twice when I played basketball, so I can confirm that the pain and swelling from the build up of fluid does get unbearable. But once drained, my recovery had me back on the court in just over a week or so.

The bottom line is Sabathia does not have to be the ace he once was, as that job now belongs to Masahiro Tanaka. But the Yankees do need the 33-year old veteran to be that durable pitcher they can depend on every fifth day.

I strongly believe that once Sabathia works out some kinks, he will get back to being an effective and reliable once again.



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  1. Sandra says:

    Sabathia is a great and talented player, lets hope he will be back in the game soon. Look forward to see the Yankees winning again…

    • Sandra…I couldn't agree with you more but not off to a good start after losing first game of the Subway Series against the offensively anemic Mets.

  2. Richard says:

    CC is the only one who thinks he is an ACE. He might just be the 4th/5th best on this team.

    • Richard – CC was the Yankees ace from 2009-2012…and last season for half of it. He is struggling no doubt but CC will figure it out. Transition period is a grace period…plus he might want to put some LBS. back on too.