Yankees are causing drama on the field Yankees are causing drama on the field Yankees are causing drama on the field

Yankees are causing drama on the field

The New York Yankeeshave caused plenty of drama lately.

Extra! Extra! Read all about the best team in the AL.

No, the clubhouse is not in total disarray like their old rivals up in Boston.

Nor has any Yankee been issued a 50-game suspension for failing a PED drug test, like their old pal and teammate Melky Cabrera out in San Francisco.

And since the Yankees, along with 28 other teams, do not have a phenom-pitching prospect quite like the Nationals Stephen Strasburg to worry about, they do not have too.

Now, the Yankees are short of issues themselves, as they are eagerly waiting for Alex Rodriguez, Andy Pettitte, and CC Sabathia to get off the DL; as well as the latest absence of Robinson Cano who, according to skipper Joe Girardi is day-to-day with a stiff neck.

Still, in the wake of all these injuries the Yankees have been quietly going about their business, which is finding ways to win baseball games.

Nonetheless, in society today, winning games amidst key injuries is not as front-page worthy as cheating or partying and playing video games. And admittedly I am just as guilty as the next guy for falling into this trap.

But the Yankees are playing too well right now to just get ignored, as last night’s 3-2 win vs. Rangers marked the team’s seventh win in their last 10; and will be going for the four-game sweep of Texas this afternoon in the Bronx.

The Yankees become the first AL team to hit 70 wins on the season, and lead baseball in homers (180) and RBIs (561), and they are posting a .300 BA so far in the month of August . The Yankees are hitting an MLB-best .319 with runners in scoring position since June 23, which is HUGE.

Now, the Orioles, who are now 6-games back and the Rays, who are 7-back respectively each seem very determined and I don’t seem to be going anywhere soon so keep an eye on both teams as potential and serious threats.

So, kudos to the Yankees for staying focused on one thing…..winning.


  1. Frank Spero says:

    thank god for the ezez chav and iban and acgee and nix the nondescript players are coming through

  2. coolnewyorker says:

    Kudos to Cash…for wisely acquiring these "steals" others have quickly and dismissively labeled as "washed up" . Not every newcomer to the Bronx can but they all turn out to be seasoned players who can and do thrive in pinstripes.

    Kudos to Girardi for his genius on exactly how to play with hands he was dealt, injuries and all.

    Thanks to all Yankees for… well, being Yankees .

    Kudos to all true Yankee fans for staying true . Let no doomsayers and foreboders spoil our daily fun . Hang on your seats, folks…we're all together in this most exciting pennant race.

    And Kate, I hope you can join us without being a party pooper.,

  3. Derek says:

    Cashman has really done a great job with the role players. He has to balance out this huge payroll filled with some aging veterans, and he goes out and gets guys like Chavez, Ibanez, Garcia, Jones, Colon, Eppley, etc. over the past couple of years that have worked out well. Especially when critics have said these guys are washed up, too.

    • LLP says:

      True Derek…they are all gelling at the right time and at the same time, which is a HUGE factor. Chavez is SOOOO talented and is only 34-35 years old but his back injuries had caused so many issues that he could have been HOF worthy if it didn't hamper him so much. He does have 6 Gold Gloves from his A's days; and he is just a natural baseball player.

  4. coolnewyorker says:

    True, Derek…"Critics" never learn.

    And Kate is typical… but additionally vicious. She takes so much liberty in taking shots at players…over and over and over again…even when already proven wrong. She does not learn. Period.

    The season had barely begun and she already was tearing apart Phil Hughes evidently intent to disparage and humiliate him as a professional player. Later on, she jumped on newly acquired players with cheap shots even before they had perspired in pinstripes…""washed-up", "done" "long shot" and called the trade-ins "alarming", Cashman's "brain-fart", "crap". …

    She always claims she is a Yanks fan and then turns around and calls the Yankees "wounded wimpy losers" even when they were at the top of the league…

    I mean, after reading so many of her blogs, I have come to equate Kate of LLP with viciousness, doom and gloom…and oh yes, vulgarity. .

    And now this dubious "Yankees are causing drama on the field" blog… that is so appeasingly sanitized, it might have been plagiarized.

    • Richard Griffith says:

      Oh no, not another Text Bootlegger in the Blogosphere (Politics Blog, Sauer. 6:46pm, yesterday I think, oh well!!!)

      Normally Kate offers attribution, but come on she in NO Fareed Zakaria nor Ann Coulter ( hope not). Now if she starts calling HR shots See Ya, I will be concerned, but not a few ESPNisms. Please!!!!

  5. Richard Griffith says:

    Other than the obvious, Hughes did ok last night. What a Game; a pitcher can put men on base, commit a huge error, allow a 3 run blast, and 0 ER's. Fuzzy math.

  6. coolnewyorker says:

    Well….that's baseball.

    Phil did better than OK. The rain might have contributed to the error.

    Santana did worse but not nearly as badly as Weaver.

    I can see now how confused Kate is: "To bash…or not to bash."

    • Richard Griffith says:

      Kate is in a quandary. I opt for bash with tooo much run support for Hughes.

  7. Still in the wake of all the injuries the Yankees have been quietly going about their business which is finding ways to win baseball games. The Yankees always find one or another way to keep their game straight so they can win the games for sure.