Yankees: Camden Yard, LOB and Ray Lewis Yankees: Camden Yard, LOB and Ray Lewis Yankees: Camden Yard, LOB and Ray Lewis

Yankees: Camden Yard, LOB and Ray Lewis

ALDS Game 2

Taking the train down to Baltimore, MD to watch the Yankees in ALDS Game 2 in enemy territory, I was hoping to see New York win; or at the very least not watch them hand a game, 3-2, to the Orioles.

Ahh…but it was the same old for the Yankees, who stranded 11 runners on base, made textbook errors and once again having to watch A-rod strikeout swinging to end the game.

And considering the sturdy performance by southpaw Andy Pettitte, who held the O’s to three earned runs, one walk and struck out five over eight innings, the Yankees were definitely in a place to win the game.

Instead the Bombers head back to Bronx 1-1, which is better than 0-2 but not as great as 2-0.

But not all was lost last night at Camden Yard, as during the bottom of the eighth inning my once-lucky Yankees scarf, which I have worn to every game since 2009, got stuck in my coat’s zipper.

So, I went inside from my seat to try to jimmy the thing loose but got to the point where I had no other choice but to step out of jacket. As I am leaning down I hear a voice laughing and say, “Hey baby what the heck are you doing?”

I looked up and Ravens Ray Lewis, with his security detail, was standing above me.

All I could muster up to say was, “You are Rays Lewis.”

And he smiled and started strutting away as he responded, “Yes baby I am.”

Oh and I also walked by Ray Rice, but regardless it didn’t make up for going to Baltimore to witness the same rubbish I saw too many times at Yankee Stadium this season. And what frustrated me even more was knowing this Yankees team is better than the display they put on last night because they have proven it time and time again when their backs are against the wall. Well, lucky for them they just slammed themselves into it again.

Otherwise…my advice here is that Yankee fans need to be ready for Game 3 tomorrow evening, as it is about time to show these Orioles what real fans are like during postseason play.

“That’s our race. That’s our playoffs.” – Ex-Angel Tim Solomon