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Yankees: Bronx Bombers stink

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Yankee Stadium November 14, 2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hey, guess what happened up at Yankee Stadium last night?

If your answer were the Yankees offense was stale once again, which wasted another picturesque pitching performance this time featuring Hiroki Kuroda, you would be correct.

The Yankees bats mustered up one run against the Tampa Bay Rays, who only scored two in total but that was good enough to win, 2-1.

The 2014 MLB season is officially over the halfway hump, and the Yankees are heading into the second part of the year, as a .500 team with a 41-41 record.

If you can believe it, the 2013 Yankees were a better team at this time last year with a record of 43-39; and they also were in 2008, at 44-40. Both those seasons the Bronx had no baseball playing come October, but since the AL East has nose-dived as a whole in 2014, the Yankees miraculously still have a fighting chance if they can play better.

Everyone and their mother are aware that the Yankees offense is killing them this season.

And I could just go on a tear about how Brain McCann, Alfonso Soriano and Carlos Beltran need to get in a groove; or how Derek Jeter should be moved down to the bottom of the batting order to allow Jacoby Ellsbury to hit behind Brett Gardner.

But what is the point when the issue is as simple as… start scoring runs, or stay mediocre for the rest of 2014.

So, just how inefficient has this team been when compared to the league average?

And do you know where the Yankees rank as a team in the top offensive statistics?

2014 Yankees Team Batting Stats vs. League Average with Ranking - as of July 2, 2014
League Avg83.32843.3343.7712.8142.414.874.3326.2250.964348.1180.3000.3000.2000.700
Team Rank241920172417222214351216163016

And here is how the AL standings look at the midpoint, and the Yankees need to have a monster second half, which is possible, as they have the pieces in my opinion.

2014 AL EAST STANDINGS - as of July 2, 2014
Oakland51320.614-24-1527-17422291131Lost 26-497.8
Detroit46340.5753.521-1925-1536934623Won 28-269.8
LA Angels46350.568426-1420-2139433955Won 18-268.6
Seattle46380.5485.521-2225-1635428767Won 38-265.9
Toronto46390.541624-2122-1839636333Won 14-660.2
Baltimore44390.530721-2123-1835834315Won 26-442.8
Kansas City43400.518821-2222-183433349Lost 14-648.9
NY Yankees41410.5009.518-2223-19327361-34Lost 42-815.2
Cleveland39430.47611.523-1516-28357379-22Lost 23-712.2
Chicago Sox39450.46412.521-1918-26362397-35Lost 14-64.1
Minnesota38440.46312.520-1818-26346372-26Won 14-65.6
Boston38460.45213.520-2118-25312348-36Lost 24-64.8
Texas37460.4461418-2319-23342410-68Lost 32-81.1
Tampa Bay37490.43015.519-2518-24324359-35Won 47-32.2
Houston36490.4241620-2516-24318387-69Lost 23-70.1




  1. jerrynotpit says:

    The Yankees have the ability for the offense to come alive but I think the Yankees need to do two things to make it happen. One they need to explain to their power hitters that the object of baseball is to hit the ball not just swing the bat. The other thing the Yankees need to explain is that when you hit the ball you want whoever is catching it to have to make an effort not hit it right to them. I think if you can remind the offense of that and get them to at least act like they care about the game the Yankees might have a chance.

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