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Yankees: You are breaking my heart

Last night’s 7-8, 11th inning loss to the Boston Red Sox might have been the icing on the cake.

New York Yankees

New York Yankees (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

Clearly it time is up for the New York Yankees, as holding down the fort is no longer a practical game plan.

The Yankees losing two of three games up in Fenway Park to start the second-half of the season is not what needed to happen.

It should feel like déjà vu for Yankee fans because on this day back in 2008 the Red Sox were seven games ahead in the standings over New York.

If this is any sign of what is to come October will be a lonely place in the Bronx.

The only difference is the problems that this 2013 team like mounting injuries, lack of power and being unsettled behind the dish were supposed to be solved by now. As there is no new manager or stadium that caused distractions in 2008.

Inherited owner Hal Steinbrenner wanted to implement a lower payroll, but that made it impossible to keep his promise to the fans that he would field a championship caliber team.

So for the first time in almost two decades, Yankee fans have to watch a non-contending team because the owner shopped in the bargain bin instead of keeping his promise.

For the first time in 20 years the Yankees didn’t get the best the market had to offer, they got the last players on it.

Funny thing is the joke was almost on us as Hal almost got away with shopping in the bargain bin. But as they say never cheat on anyone that is good to you because it will get you back twofold.

And Yankee fans were in essence cheated.

The ticket prices are still astronomically high to go see a Yankees game, but the product is not.

Dishing out that kind of green on tickets alone never felt wasted in the past. That is thanks to Mr. George Steinbrenner (aka ‘the Boss’) who made sure New York got the best of the best money could buy.

Hal pinned this entire season’s hopes on injured stars and if a player is hurt you have to plan accordingly.

And the Yankees didn’t and this makeshift team already had a magic run. And the likelihood that they could have another with a roster built for Triple-A would be a miracle.

Yes, the stars are expected to come back, again. And yes, things could get better but it is hard to trust that will happen.

The starting pitching is not flawless, and unfortunately a dominant bullpen is not enough to carry any team into October.

That is unless the Yankee brass makes a trade for a legit righty bat, and that does not include players that other teams have disposed of, or a star well past there prime who is not quite ready to hang it their cleats just yet.

The Yankee brass knows that using Mariano Rivera as the main attraction for the next three months, while the team plays itself right out of the playoffs is not going to cut it here in the Big Apple.

This is no knock on the greatness of Mo, but there is no guarantee he will take the hill and odds are even lower that he will with this team’s offense. Not to mention the tough Yankees schedule, which is going to make everything that much harder.

Bottom line here is the clock is about to run out, and it is very disappointing that the Yankee brass seems to be fine with that.


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  1. swedski says:

    Oh please! I don't know how many lame seasons I had to sit through with George at the helm. The Yanks need to get smarter and younger. Their biggest problem is A-rod. 39 bad hips and owed 114 mill. That you can put on Hal and Hank they should have let him walk!

  2. Uncle Mike says:

    The Yankees aren't brekaing my heart. But they are ticking me off.

    Look, get Jeter and Granderson healthy again, and it all changes. As they say in English soccer, they'll be like new signings.

  3. George says:

    Can't wait until the next LLP A-rod defense. I hope it's a lifetime ban so we can free up some big money and get back to being the
    Yankees. Enough already. Please don't tell us it was the NY media's fault!!!!!!!