Yankees: Unfortunately we haven't bought anything thus far - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees: Unfortunately we haven't bought anything thus far - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees: Unfortunately we haven't bought anything thus far - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Yankees: Unfortunately we haven’t bought anything thus far

Have you heard this one?

Yankees Green...

Yankees Green…

A man and his wife are walking down a busy city street when they see a giant billboard that reads: 16 Billion and counting….

National Deficit?” asks the wife.

Her husband replied, “No dummy it is the New York Yankees payroll.”

Ok maybe not that specific joke, but certainly its theme.

My guess is you have heard something like it as the Yankees have been criticized for their free spending ways for years.

This is not limited to just the haters, as a bulk of the Yankees own fan base incessantly whines about player’s paychecks like it is their money.

Personally, I have never had an issue with the Yankees spending.

I appreciated the industrious and self-less effort made by the late George Steinbrenner by making money no object.

Some refer to this as buying Championships, which when you think about is totally ludicrous.

Chemistry and comradery breed championships, and last time I checked those were not for sale.

And if the Yankees use money to buy Championships, how do you explain them staying relevant so far this season?

I realize the 2013 season is only 31 games deep for New York, but they are 18-13 and just two games behind the Red Sox, and one back of the Orioles in the AL East.

The Red Sox and Orioles are relatively healthy, while the Yankees have endured five new injuries in the last two weeks.

As of today, the Yankees active roster payroll is about $117 million, which is smack dab in the middle compared to other ball clubs.

C.C. SabathiaSP$23,000,000.00
Robinson Cano2B$15,000,000.00
Hiroki KurodaSP$15,000,000.00
Andy PettitteSP$12,000,000.00
Vernon WellsCF,LF$11,500,000.00
Mariano RiveraRP$10,000,000.00
Phil HughesSP$7,150,000.00
Austin RomineC$482,000.00
Ben FranciscoDH$1,000,000.00
Ichiro SuzukiRF$6,500,000.00
Boone LoganRP$3,150,000.00
Brett GardnerCF,LF$2,850,000.00
Travis HafnerDH,1B$2,000,000.00
Brennan BoeschRF$1,500,000.00
Lyle Overbay1B$1,250,000.00
Shawn KelleyRP$935,000.00
Chris StewartC$515,100.00
David PhelpsSP/RP$512,425.00
Adam WarrenSP/RP$490,525.00
Jayson Nix3B/SS$900,000.00
Chris Nelson3B,2B$491,000.00
Vidal NunoRPn/a
Preston ClaiborneRPn/a
Active Yankees Salaries - as of 05-06-2013

The Yankees disabled list is another story, as that payroll exceeds that of the active roster.

Cesarua CabralRPLeft elbow painon 60-day DL(3/26)$490,000.00
Francisco CervelliCFractured right handon 60-day DL(4/27)$515,359.00
Joba ChamberlainRPStrained right obliqueon 15-day DL(4/28)$1,875,000.00
Curtis GrandersonCFFractured right forearmon 15-day DL(3/22)$15,000,000.00
Derek JeterSSRecovery from left ankle surgeryon 60-day DL(3/22)$17,000,000.00
Ivan NovaSPRight triceps inflammationon 15-day DL(4/27)$575,000.00
Eduard NunezSSSore left ribcageDTD$533,300.00
Michael PinedaSPRecovery from right shoulder surgeryon 60-day DL(3/16)$528,475.00
David RobertsonRPSore left hamstringday-to-day(5/3)$3,100,000.00
Alex Rodriguez3BLeft hip surgery - out 4-6 monthson 60-day DL(2/13)$29,000,000.00
Mark Teixeira1BStrained right wrist - out 8-10 weekson 15-day DL(3/22)$23,125,000.00
Kevin Youkilis1B/3BLumbar spine strainon 15-day DL(4/28)$12,000,000.00
New York Yankees - Injuries - 05-06-2013

What does this do to all the naysayer’s theories?

It proves that spending money is not evil, and while it might not guarantee a World Series ring it definitely can foster winning. And there is nothing wrong with that.

Fact is the Yankees would be better with their more expensive players on the field, not off of it in terms of scoring runs alone.

Especially after watching the Yankees lose, 2-0 to the Rockies last night, I realized the importance of spending money.

Not being able to score three runs to get Hiroki Kuroda the win cannot happen.

These makeshift Yankees have to capitalize off good starts not waste them like they did with Kuroda’s last night. I mean they couldn’t even score a run.

Point is the Yankees have stayed substantial, fielding a respectable payroll team thus far, and I commend them for doing it.

But reality is we need the big buck guys back to sustain it.

Bottom line is I do not think this makeshift; cheaper version of the Bronx Bombers can stay relevant for another six weeks.

I was in the beginning of the season, but the ball is bound to drop if the DL keeps growing at this pace.

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  1. Jim says:

    Just think about the spending as reinvesting your profits back into the company. Other companies do it, why can't a sports franchise…….