Yankees: Who else wants that Boston feeling? - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees: Who else wants that Boston feeling? - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees: Who else wants that Boston feeling? - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Yankees: Who else wants that Boston feeling?

Here's to the past...2014 Bronx owned.

Here’s to the past…2014 Bronx owned.

First let me apologize in advance for being so cheesy, as I know keeping the past in the past is good advice. And especially if you are a New York Yankees fan, like myself.

The Yankees 2013 MLB regular season started out under false hope, but reality did finally bite at the start of June, and the promising start ended up being beginner’s luck.

Those four months were filled with adversity, a lack of homers and resulted in things ending a month to earlier then usual.

The month of October is what Yankees fans live for, as postseason baseball is Christmas in the Bronx.

I predicted that what happened would but even as a fan you can get lost in the haughtiness of the infamous Yankees pinstripes.

Inherited owner Hal Steinbrenner is the Big Apple’s own Scrooge, and he can shoulder the blame for making the city’s pride and joy regular.

I wonder if Hal even watched the World Series, or if he even felt the jealous and angry rage the rest of us did watching the Yankees biggest rivals be crowned the Champs.

No doubt, the Boston Red Sox got what they deserved as they were the best team, and I respect that to the core. But that still doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt.

I wanted New York to buzz with excitement the night before one of our sports teams is a game away from winning it all.

Ohhhh…2009 was not so long ago,

And I can still evoke that feeling even if only for a moment.

You know the one…it was the night before Game 6 in New York, and the Yankees were up 3-2 over the Philadelphia Phillies.

The best way to describe it is a hushed excitement because sports fans know it ain’t over till it’s over.

So I was green-eyed of Boston for I knew what they felt like the night before.

And boy, do I want nothing more than to bring it back to the Bronx in 2014.

New York sports are in the toilet right now.

Pending the New York Giants don’t pull some kind of miracle run, the city’s hopes are riding on the New York Jets and that just isn’t right.

Regardless, no matter what anyone says this is a Yankees town.

Pride, Power and Pinstripes used to be measured as unwritten law in the sports world.

Some have already deemed the glory days of the Yankees winning as Hal’s father’s team that went when he did. And truth is another failed season might cement that but not just yet.

Hal has this coming season to right the ship because as a Yankees I want to feel that awesome anticipation again.


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