Yankees: Do not blow this Yankees: Do not blow this Yankees: Do not blow this

Yankees: Do not blow this

The New York Yankees had an opportunity to extend their AL East lead to two games last night at the Rogers Centre, but instead they didn’t just lose they got shutout by the Blue Jays 6-0.

Toronto Skydome (Rogers Centre), NY Yankees vs...

Toronto Skydome (Rogers Centre), NY Yankees vs. Blue Jays (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now other than being embarrassed about not scoring a single run, the Yankees are practically handing the AL East to the Orioles, who didn’t even play yesterday.

But instead the players tip their caps to Blue Jays righty Brandon Morrow. I guess this shouldn’t be that surprising considering the Yankees had a .223 batting average against him coming into the game, and they were without an injured Mark Teixeira (.286 BA, 3 2B, 1 HR, 5, RBI, 2 BB in 21 AB) who had the most success against him.

Still it is time to focus on today, and that actuality is that there are six-games left in the 2012 regular season, so time’s a wasting. Basically, the Yankees need to win now.

Unless they want the season to end next Wednesday, I mean can you even fathom no more baseball in the Bronx could be our reality in just five-days?

There is really not much more to say about this situation except:

“Choking is about thinking too much.  Panic is about thinking too little. Choking is about loss of instinct.  Panic is reversion to instinct.  They may look the same, but they are worlds apart.”Malcolm Gladwell, What the Dog Saw.

Do you think the Yankees are choking or panicking right now?

It would seem the Yankees are doing a little bit of both right now because as a fan I can promise you that I am.

The Yankees play three more games in Toronto, which means that half of their dreams, depend on winning on that damn artificial turf field up in Canada.




  1. Frank Spero says:

    how the hell can a supposedly championship team be shut out by the scumbag toronto gimme a break like i said a bunch of posturing underacheiving fools especially swisher whats with all the laughing and tumbling rolls get him the HELL out of first base girardi you asshole

  2. vog says:

    @ Frank. Well said all in a single breathe. You could have added A-rods ineptness but then you might have needed a complete sentence or two.

  3. coolnewyorker says:


    OK, Kate…I am leaving your website for good. Because it's pointless.

    Although you seem to have abandoned your bashing and dissing proclivity , you seem to be incapable of being or writing positive. This latest drama-queen blog from you is still negative,still dampering and dragging your readers down to unpleasant depressing ways to experience this absolutely exciting pennant race.

    Dunno if it's just you as a person, or as a writer or as a sports fan…or I regret to mention it, as a female.. But I wish you could be more uplifting to read.. You are not! You're annoyingly negative..

    And you call yourself a Yankee fan. WTF?!

    • Richard says:

      We are going to miss you and the rest of your ilk. Maybe you should start your own True Koo-Aid Yankee blog. That will be a lonely piece of work.

  4. Tanned Tom says:

    Everyone needs to calm down. The team is 7-3 over it's last 10 games, that's hardly handing the division to Baltimore. Bad games will happen. They don't always go according to expectations, but that's why we play them on grass and not just on paper.
    And Frank, how can a team that has one of the best records in all of baseball and leads it's division despite the injuries to Rivera (whole year), Gardner (whole year), Pettitte (3 months), A-Rod, Chamberlain, etc be called underachievers?

    Maybe there should be a maturity test for this blog, instead of just allowing people to spout off like 3 years olds who've missed their nappy time.

    • Richard says:

      Agree. Let's start with complete sentences sprinkled with a bit of correct grammar. That would be rich. I'm referring to the other posts.

      A-rod can't find a 91 MPH FB down the middle. He's needs to bat 6th at best. If we can't beat Tor/Sox how far into the playoffs do you think we'll get.