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Yankees: Whom do you blame for this disaster?

The 2013 New York Yankees are about to slam the door on the season.

Photo by The Silent Wind of Doom 18 Apr 2009 (UTC)

Photo by The Silent Wind of Doom 18 Apr 2009 (UTC) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After getting swept by the below .500 Chicago White Sox, the Yankees are barely hanging on to fourth place in the AL East, and are 11.5 games behind the first place Red Sox.

Since returning from the All-Star Break on July 19th, which informally marks baseball’s mid-season point, the Yankees have been horrendous.

Heading into the second half, the Yankees were six games back in the division, and just 3.5 games out of the AL Wild Card race.

Less than a month later, the Yankees are 57-56, just one loss away from being a .500 team.

Here are the current AL East standings as of August 8, 2013:

(Standings courtesy of MLB.com)

AL EAST STANDINGS - 08-08-2013
Tampa Bay66470.5842.52.05-5L237-2129-26
NY Yankees57560.50411.57.03-7L429-2528-31

The problem is the Yankees offense is terrible.

Mind you, the pitching has not been as solid in the second-half but it is enough to keep this team in games. The Yankee arms have also been the savior in 2013.

Just look at the AL Team batting stats since the All-Star Break to understand just how bad things have gotten:

(All stats courtesy of ESPN.com)

2013 AL Team Batting Stats - Post All-Star Break
7LA Angels206738217325420266780.2570.3320.3950.728
8Kansas City196608217725314250790.2680.3210.3790.700
11Chicago Sox206926617028211235650.2460.2970.3400.636
13Tampa Bay175846515829116237620.2710.3430.4060.749
15NY Yankees18615551382718191490.2240.2840.3110.594

Bottom line is being a .500 was inevitable for Yankees coming into this season.

Hal Steinbrenner got cheap in the off-season and did not spend money on a viable bench with solid utility guys that could hit for power.

So if anyone is to blame here it is the inherited owner of Hal for being a cheap skate where the Yankees could not afford to be.

Relaying on players coming back from serious injuries is a huge risk, and the point in sports is to win.

The reality for the Yankees is winning costs money. Hal either has to accept it as trying to change the way his dad’s Yankees have been run would mean years of missing the playoffs.

And fact is in New York, fans don’t pay money to watch a loser.


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  1. Steve Karsay says:

    First time in years I haven't made it out to a game. I felt guilty when they were playing well in April and May but now I feel justified. Its just not worth the cost of travel, parking, food/drinks to go to a Yankees game right now. Its a damn shame this lost season coincides with Mariano's swan song. I blame ownership first and foremost but Cashman who I've long supported has to take a little bit of heat also.