Yankees cannot beat anybody Yankees cannot beat anybody Yankees cannot beat anybody

Yankees cannot beat anybody

Will the Yankees bring the 2012 ALCS back to Yankee Stadium?

Once again the New York Yankees couldn’t muster up enough at the plate to score two runs, which handed them their third lose at the hands of the Detroit Tigers, 2-1.

It was a game the Yankees could have easily won, as once again pitchers were phenomenal for New York and if the bats could do a smidgen of what they are capable of, they would be cruising towards #28.

Here are four things that were gifted to the Yankees in ALCS Game 3 that they did not capitalize on, or use:

1) Justin Verlander stunk. He had 3K’s and for Verlander that is an off night, and Yankees hit pop ups all game.

1a.) Verlander should buy the home plate umpire a watch, or some new glasses because his strike zone was extra W-I-D-E.

2) Skipper Joe Girardi’s line-up was not what I would have used. First off, I would have put Ichiro as leadoff, not Gardner as he should have batted ninth. And I would have started A-rod over Ibanez at DH; all he had to do was check his trusty binder to figure out that one.

3) A-rod’s weekend antics of playing well in the wrong field obviously got him trouble because pinch-hitting happy Girardi would have definitely used him in the 7th or 8th inning. A-rod had great regular season numbers vs. Verlander: (stats courtesy of baseball-reference.com)


So the fact that Girardi just disregarded A-rod’s numbers in this situation, and considering the team was about to be down 0-3, something else factored in.

4) Missing Jeter on the field because of his fractured left ankle is bad enough, but now his presence is MIA in Detroit too?

According to the Yankees the Captain will not be making the trip to Detroit. Look I know he fractured his ankle and went to see a specialist on Sunday but this team; his team needs Derek, the person there.

I get he is on crutches, but if you want to be somewhere you will get there. I doubt that Ravens Ray Lewis will be absent from the sidelines this Sunday down in Texas, and his team is not in the playoffs. And since the game was nationally televised, Jeter’s excuse of not having the MLB Package won’t fly.

So, time to ring Hal Steinbrenner and tell him to fuel up the jet so the Captain can be in the dugout tomorrow. I mean this is the postseason, Jeter’s favorite time of year and his team desperately needs their Captain there.


If the Yankees want to avoid getting swept back to the Bronx, they have to score runs.

Whatever is going on at the plate is beyond me, as this team kicked butt with their bats in the 2012 regular season: (stats courtesy of MLB.com)

New York Yankees55248041462280132457745651176930.2650.3370.4530.790
2012 NYY Regular Season - Team Hitting Stats

The one positive is that the 2012 Yankees seem to respond when there is no other choice, and tonight in ALCS Game 4, it is win or go home. So Yankee fans should look at tonight as a learning experience because their team will be on the brink once.

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One Comment

  1. Richard says:

    Glad your feeling better. If Verlander stunk, then the Yankees are beyond any hope since they barely lay a glove on him. I don't think A-rod or Swisher will be with us next year so I'm not going to waste my time thinking about them.

    It's quite a dilemma. We needed these guys (except A-rod) to get us to the Show, and then we get there and they forget how to dance.