Yankees have to beat teams not from Seattle Yankees have to beat teams not from Seattle Yankees have to beat teams not from Seattle

Yankees have to beat teams not from Seattle

The New York Yankees took two of three games from the Seattle Mariners in the Bronx over the weekend; and now are just three games deep into a 20-game stretch as they are now in Detroit to face the Tigers for a four game set.

New York Yankees

New York Yankees (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

The Yankees head into Comerica Park maintaining a 6.5-game lead in the AL East but like the great Yogi Berra said, “It ain’t over until it’s over.”

Now this year in Detroit it has been a different story.

Coming into 2012 as the heavy division favorites, the Tigers stumbled through the first-half of the season. But thanks to improved play, and a weak AL Central they now trail the Chicago White Sox by just a 1.5-games.

The Tigers are coming in hot as they are on a four-game win streak; and are fresh off a walk-off win yesterday, courtesy of a Miguel Cabrera homer in the 10th inning. Oh and the Tigers haven’t lost in Comerica in their last eight games either so home field lends some comfort.

Here are the pitching match-ups for the four-game set:

Game #DateVs.TimeProbable Pitchers (NYY vs. DET)
108Monday, Aug 6@DET7:05 PMNova vs. Veralnder
109Tuesday, Aug 7@DET7:05 PMHughes vs. Porcello
110Wednesday, Aug 8@DET7:05 PMSabathia vs. Sanchez
111Thursday, Aug 9@DET1:05 PMKuroda vs. Fister

Call me cynical but I think a better word is concerned as the Yankees are coming into this series stumbling a bit as they haven’t been at their sharpest over the last two weeks.

Fact is since July 18th, the Bombers have lost 10 of 16 games and lost series to the Red Sox, Orioles and Athletics. Four of the six wins were also against the Mariners, which is not comforting.

If you thing I am the only person worried about the state of the Yankees, you would be mightily mistaken.

So, I compiled a list of some good reads for Yankee fans out there, like my father who is already talking World Series and such.

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If anything I hope this adds some perspective to the many delusional Yankee fans out there, as after this Tigers series they face the Blue Jays, Rangers, Red Sox and White Sox all in a row so things don’t get easier, anytime soon.

Fact is the Yankees need to play better baseball now to stay atop the AL East.


  1. richard griffith says:

    You have this annoying habit of calling your readers delusional, then try to support your opinion with a couple of articles ( one from you no less). Then you take an arbitrary date ( when they began to play poorly) and somehow rationalize your point. How about a little balance. On july 1, Yanks had a 6 game lead. On Aug 1, Yanks had a 7 game lead. So as Poorly as they are playing the AL E is not catching up are they.

    I have misjudged Baltimore and Tampa will stay in it with their pitching but need Longo healthy if they hope to contend. Your Wizard Bobby V reminds me of the Jets – All Mouth but that's for another day.

    I for one don't focus on collapses. If it happens they deserve it.

    • LLP says:

      Richard – the Yankees are playing bad!!! Right now, they are not a playoff team.

      • Richard Griffith says:

        Name me a playoff team in the AL that has not played poorly at some stretch. They are a playoff team until their record says otherwise.

  2. alcan says:

    doom and gloom fan aren't you? there is a club you know? for doom and gloomers.. Look at the positive… Yankee pitching, especially the starting pitching has been very good even through the rough spots… wehave joba back, will get anyd and arod back,… that in tself is like a late seaon block buster deal… so please, enough with the phony balogna doom and gloom.

  3. alcan says:

    and yes, the red sox are about to make a run… to the toilet maybe, as i have said consistently, the red sox are done.

  4. coolnewyorker says:

    It has become so easy, like taking candy away from a child to point out the obvious: Kate is a closet Yankeephobe in pinstripe camouflage.

    Or she is simply bad news.

    • LLP says:

      Coolnewyorker….I am realistic and this team is in serious trouble. Yankees lead in the AL East is now 5 and counting….down. The Rays just got Longoria back and the O's are not giving up or falling back so tell me how am I bad news???

      • ladylawyer61 says:

        You are SO not bad news. I agree totally with your assessment. After last night's inability to come back and at least tie the game in the top of the 9th, this team's inability to hit in the clutch and score after trailing in the 8th inning is coming back to bite the Yankees. I don't care how many home runs this club hits, if they cannot hit them when it matters, then the post season, if any post season, will be short and sad, once again.

  5. coolnewyorker says:

    "Yankees have to beat teams not from Seattle" What a redundant statement.

    But the implication is wrong and and inaccurate. Yanks do beat not just the lowly Mariners but everybody else including the legit contenders. They swept the frisky NATS and so far, they have winning head to head record against the mighty Rangers.

    And 5 to 6 games ahead of the pack is still the best in the leagues.

    So what are you ladies getting bent out of shape about?

    You witnessed a very short losing streak and one loss for " inability to come back" and you declare "the sky is falling". How long have you ladies been watching baseball. Reaally!

    I understand Kate. She's a habitual doomsaying yankees bashing drama queen. She can't help but print gloomy views of the Yanks. But ladylawyer?

    I know it's not girl stuff. Unless Lady at the Bat is an exception.