Yankees battle continues on Yawkey Way Yankees battle continues on Yawkey Way Yankees battle continues on Yawkey Way

Yankees battle continues on Yawkey Way

English: Fenway Park, Yankees vs Red Sox, Apri...

English: Fenway Park, Yankees vs Red Sox, April 6th, 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The New York Yankees are in Boston today to start a three game set at Fenway Park vs. the Red Sox.

It feels like ions ago when the above statement would electrify baseball fans everywhere but sadly one of greatest rivalry in sports got wrecked right on Yawkey Way when the Red Sox had a few too many.

As much as baseball misses these games, the Yankees are amid a pennant race with the Orioles and Rays so New York fans have plenty to stress about without it.

Now, the Yankees are focused on living another day atop the AL East, as they got tested in Baltimore three times this past weekend but won when it mattered most, while keeping Buck’s Birds a game’s length away.

The Rays are just as close to the Orioles who they will be visiting today as well, so the Yankees need to take advantage of this series vs. the dismantled Red Sox.

Coming off a much-needed, but hopefully not badly timed day-off, the Yankees better pray their hot bats that blew the Orioles right out of Camden Yard, 13-3 on Sunday, are still on fire.

So, the Yankees would ideally love a sweep to get some momentum going before hosting the Rays this weekend. The reality is that sweeping a team in their own house is tough no matter who the opponent and especially when that place is called Fenway Park.

I do think there is one key move that skipper Joe Girardi could do that might help the Yankees stay sparked.

And here it is:


The Bombers will be sans Mark Teixeira for 10-14 days again, as he re-aggravated his strained calf diving for first-base on Saturday, which turn out to be purposeless due to some bad umpiring. I am in no way addressing that mess again but just in case you were taken hostage over the last two days, you can read and watch what happened HERE.


No-Tex is not good, as it hurts the Yankees line-up but even more they will miss his defensive. Tex is one of the best at first-base in the Bigs; and though Nick Swisher has been sufficient, he has enough issues at the plate along with playing in unfamiliar territory.

With Swisher subbing in for Tex, Girardi moved Ichiro Suzuki to his old place in right field, which is fine as he can play anywhere out there. But reverting back to platooning Andruw Jones and Raul Ibanez in left field is giving me an ulcer at a very young age.

Jones and Ibanez bats were great for the Yankees at big points this season but not lately; and defensively they are painfully scary to watch.

So why Girardi keeps running the two veterans out there at this point is beyond me, especially since the rosters expanded on September 1st.


It doesn’t take Einstein to figure out what I am about to suggest, as I sure many of you have thought the same thing.

Why is Chris Dickerson sitting on the bench, and not starting in left field?

Dickerson is an outfielder and if you recall, he made a leaping grab at the wall to rob Adam Jones of a home-run last week that should have been an immediate ESPN Web-Gem but Wallace Matthews did write a nice article about Dickerson’s dynamic play.

Dickerson brings a breath of fresh air to a stale, older group and his bat has been way better than that of Ibanez and Jones since the month of September started 12-days ago.

Have a look for yourself, as here are all three’s September stats (courtesy of baseball-reference.com):

ANDRUW JONESR151200030.1330.1880.1330
RAUL IBANEZL171110210.0590.1580.1763
CHRIS DICKERSONL82231230.2500.4000.6255
Dickerson vs. Jones - Ibanez - September 2012

Also, please note that in the three-games Dickerson has started he is posting a .286 batting average.

What do you think about starting Dickerson in left field, aka the Green Monster this series?


Remember even the Red Sox at half-mast will be tough.

Oh and I can promise you that Boston fans are probably drooling over the possibility of how eliminating the Yankees from the post season would feel.


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  1. Richard says:

    ION – an atom or molecule with a net electric charge due to the loss or gain of one or more. While an ION might electrify the crowd Kate, I think your searching for Eons ago!!!!!

    Swisher has lost the 2 hole. Put Ichiro there for heaven's sake.