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Yankees Attitudes Are Contagious

Coming home never felt so right for the New York Yankees.

Tonight’s win, against the 1st place Minnesota Twins, was especially needed, as the Yanks have been away 22 of 34 games. The team was taking a beating, as the injury list was rivaling their active roaster.

Clearly, the Yankees were struggling.

As fans flooded onto the 4-train, the air filled with talk of how coming home was all the team needed to get back on their feet.

This mentality has worked in the past, and the Yankee fans determined to make it happen again.

The fans, including myself, cheered our hearts out. It was not easy as the first three innings featured strikeouts from Jeter, Tex, Cano, Swisher, Cervelli and not even runners on base to strand.

Unlike in the past, there was no booing at all, no silence either, only chanting from fans all around the packed stadium.

The players will tell you how pleasant it felt, but it was Brett Gardner that gave the group spirit again.

Gardner’s homer in the fourth inning got the bats going, but it was his overall determination started to spread like a virus.

In the fifth inning, Twin’s superman Joe Mauer went yard to tie the game at 2-2, but Gardner’s impressive defense made sure no more damage was done.

Bottom of the fifth, with two outs it was Gardner again who hit a single and kept the inning going. Teixeira had to have been inspired to back up his teammate by hitting a double to deep right field. This allowed Gardner to score, and the Yankees were up 3-2.

No joke, the Yankees did not look discouraged any longer.

The Twins even took the lead back again 4-3, but Arod changed that with a grand slam in the 7th inning and the Yankees never looked back.


Thank you, Brett Gardner, along with Joba, Cervelli and Hughes who have been the glue holding this team together.

These youngsters want to prove themselves. They do it for the older guys players out of respect. This in turn makes it fun again for the veterans.

This balance is the fundamental substance that makes up championship teams. It proves to me that championships cannot be bought, forced or plotted.

The Yankees, along with the other 29 teams, will crash many more times this season. It is not fun for anyone involved.

I am a Yankees fan who sold out the group for having a lousy week. I went to the field tonight-expecting nothing but another shutout.

I am sorry to the team.

I am thankful for my fellow Yankees fans that made coming home so comforting again.