Yankees: Armageddon in the Bronx - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees: Armageddon in the Bronx - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees: Armageddon in the Bronx - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Yankees: Armageddon in the Bronx

Heading into this season we all knew the Yankees offense was going to be an issue.

Red Sox fan undercover.

Red Sox fan undercover.

The big question was how bad would it get before the injured stars would come to the rescue.

Not to give credit to this makeshift group of Yankees, as they exceeded expectations to remain atop the AL East a lot longer than anyone thought.

Please realize that by no means has it this time been pretty. But these castoff’s bats somehow found ways to score enough runs to complement the Yankees stellar pitching to win games.

Well, it seems that those days are over, as the Yankees hitters look anemic, while the starting pitching is struggling a bit. Not an ideal combo or formula for anything other than losing.

To be honest, watching this team the last two nights lose at the hands of the Oakland Athletics is about as fun as watching grass grow.

Mustering up a few hit or two in the eighth or ninth innings when it is already to late makes me want to scream in frustration.

Probably because I get the same goose bumps I did back in 2009 season when the Yankees would fight back in the ninth inning only difference is they would win.

I do understand the starting pitching has not been as good lately, but it is not so bad that a solid batting couldn’t pick up things to win.

Hence the fact that I have to remind myself that the current Yankee batters were bound to regress to their old selves.

I forget that a lot of these guys were has-beens and strays for a reason. So I cannot imagine the excitement when New York called and asked them to come play.

By now you have to believe that the initial aura of the pinstripes has started to ware off, and everybody is now adjusted to life as a Yankee.

Whatever the reason, the Yankees need to figure things out because if not this will turn ugly real fast and they do not want to wind up in the AL East dungeon.

All I can say is I am experiencing déjà vu from the 2012 ALCS series, when I was sitting on my couch in utter disgust.

Bottom line is this cannot go on from here on out, as I won’t watch games just purely to keep myself sane.

So…what do you think about how things are going right now for the Yankees?

Do you think this the end for the 2013 Yankees?  

Were the last two months the best this Yankees team can do?


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