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Yankees Are Winning But Starting To Hurt

Brooms came out in the Bronx today, as the New York Yankees took the O’s 7-5 for the third win of the series.

Since arriving home, the Bombers have won 5 of 6 games, adding two more series wins and raising the term total to eight. The Yankees did not accomplish this without any casualties along the way.


  • Granderson will miss least a month; my guess second week of June.
  • Posada getting reevaluated today, May 6th but hoping available this weekend.
  • Park is expected to return within a week.
  • the latest addition Andy Pettitte. Left today’s game in the fifth with a stiff left elbow. MRI confirmed mild swelling in his pitching elbow.

Honorable mentions going to Arod and Rivera, which can be blamed on a sore knee and stiff side respectively.

Both stars said to be ready on Friday when the Yankees arrive for a series against their rival Boston Red Sox. It is revolting to assume the affects a double blow like this could have. It would undoubtedly cripple the team. Hopefully just a sneak-peak of some early season cautions.

The only confirmed fact…this is not good.

It was exceedingly sweet of Girardi and people for trying to minimize the apparent absentees on the field. Understandably, with the names involved alarm would take to pandemonium real fast in New York.

Now fans will follow with extra nervousness, praying that nothing else happens.

The realization of time has been easy to avoid, but their lasting successes do not make than immortal. Something Yankee fans don’t, won’t and can’t even comprehend surviving without them.

For any team, injuries turn into nightmares real fast. Blame it on sports because remaining healthy is so unpredictable, but inevitable at the same time.

The worst trend seen in baseball is that players getting hurt can become like dominos, causing a team’s success to collapse right along side.

The impact is already applicable for the Yanks, starting with Pettitte missing his start at Fenway. Pettitte has been nothing short of phenomenal thus far, with four wins in five starts, 2.08 ERA, with 27 strikeouts in 39 innings pitched.

What a HUGE opportunity for Javier Vazquez to step it up, as most likely his scratched start to be erased. The who and where (Red Sox and Fenway Park) are ridiculous lucky timing if Vazquez can do it together and win.

My theory is that Girardi would put Vazquez back to start on Friday, followed by Hughes, CC etc. It would make sense to keep the original order too.

Vazquez will not see many Yankees fans at Fenway Park. From personal experience I can guarantee any pinstripes in Boston will not be loud and every Yankee will be getting boo’s.

Here it is on a silver platter, “VAZQUEZ WINS ONE FOR ANDY!” That headline has a pleasant ring to it and promises that cheers will arise for Vazquez if he can shut down the beasts.

Next, the risk of missing Posada’s critically lethal bat versus, he plays and gets DL-worthy injury. Do not envy making that decision.

Fans better start getting used to not seeing Granderson in the outfield or at the plate will hurt. Remember Granderson’s last time in Boston? He won the series with a huge home-run, along with the hearts of Yankees fans who were unhappy to see him hobbling this past Monday night.

Starting to miss Chan-ho Park, diarrhea and all. Who did not cringe after watching Robertson give up more home-runs, followed by Logan who is still walking batters. This also forced micromanaging Girardi to have to open his dugout to mound relay race. It is painful to watch musical pitchers, and it is becoming to frequent.

This will be a test for the defending champions, but this is baseball and it can also make you stronger. The youngsters have stepped it up, with the AL Player of the Month, Robinson Cano leading that charge.

Finally, have to inform Girardi that if Sergio Mitre starts, EVER, riots will break out back home.

Now, go make us proud and kick some Red Sox behinds, right over the Green Monster this weekend!


  1. d_mets says:

    Yikes for the Yankees!! That guy Mitre was awful last year and yesterday gave up a homerun. Joba can't start??

    Thanks for the nice words again!

  2. david perriello says:

    Andy Pettite is 4-0 but has made 5 starts. He was not scheduled to pitch in the Red Sox series even if not injured.

    • Kate says:

      Thanks David –

      You are correct, but I had four wins in five starts so maybe you saw it wrong……thank you because I added a line explaining that I figured Girardi would put Vazquez back in rotation for Friday. Thank you as I could see the confusion there.

      The Tigers are hot right now and heading into a 4 game series it makes no sense to give the first 2 games to Vazquez and Mitre.

      Mitre sucks and Vazquez will improve but getting yanked for Boston might not be the best idea mentally!!

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