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Yankees Are Screwing With Vazquez’s Head

If I were Javier Vazquez, I would be insulted.

Not only is moving Vazquez to the bullpen ridiculous, it is such a blow to the ego.

Vazquez has always been a good starter for thirteen seasons in the majors. In his career, Vazquez has a 4.24 ERA, with 2280 strikeouts and has pitched 200+ innings in nine seasons.

Vazquez was in the NL Cy Young race last season, but a weak Atlanta Braves team didn’t help his case.

Vazquez has struggled big time this season, but had majorly improved in his last start. Even though the team lost, it surely was not Vazquez fault as the Yankee bats were dead in Detroit.

Moving him to the bullpen, instead of letting him start against a NL team is a low blow by the Yankees.

Vazquez did his job in his last outing so what is the problem. He deserves at the very least the benefit of the doubt here and is given another start.

This confirms the obsession Joe Girardi has for Sergio Mitre.

Mitre, who stunk last season, and is not even close to having a career, with a solid history like Vazquez.

Way to go Yankees, talk about helping a player’s mental game.

Vazquez deserves better treatment than he is getting by the Yankees.

UPDATE: Supposedly Vazquez is just needed in the bullpen for the two Boston Red Sox games because Mitre is not available. If Vazquez is not used than he starts Friday night at Citi-field. Let’s see if this remains to be true.


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  2. Double G Sports says:

    Kate, I agree that Girardi is obsessed with Mitre and I don't understand it. However, Vazquez is expected to pitch Friday against the Mets despite being used last night. 5th starters get moved around often throughout baseball and right now thats what Javy is, a 5th starter.

  3. Kate says:

    It is as if Girardi just can't let go of his Marlins days, but even worse than Mitre is Robertson and Logan who need to get the hell out of dodge.

    Why Chan Ho Park was in the game is beyond me after getting off the DL hours earlier. Joba can go more innings if needed and he barely pitched on Sunday. It almost lost us the game, as I would have rather kept Logan in the game. It is not fair to Park either to be on the hot seat like that considering his last time in a game was April 16.

    I realize the Vazquez situation, see the UPDATE at bottom of my post states that he would pitch on Friday. I get that Mitre was unavailable and Girardi was in a bind. Javy got a well deserved 'W'.