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Yankees: I actually liked Alex Rodriguez

Since he became a New York Yankee, I have been a fan Alex Rodriguez.

Alex Rodriguez in the field for a game on May ...

Alex Rodriguez in the field for a game on May 28, 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Even back in 2009, I was part of a minority of New York Yankees fans who believed A-rod when he admitted to have used PEDs (performance enhancing drugs) between 2001-2003.

A-rod declared his cheating as a “stupid mistake”, but he owned up to it and was clearly remorseful. He is after all human.

Well that was than and this is now, as after reading the Miami News Times article yesterday I started hearing the Great White song “once bitten, twice shy” playing in my head.

The MNT expanded on the NY Daily News article from last Saturday that cited an unknown source had revealed that the DEA and MLB is investigating a Miami-area man named Anthony Bosch – who has worked closely with Alex Rodriguez – for Bosch’s possible links to performance-enhancing drugs.

MNT provided handwritten notes supposedly belonging to Bosch that listed A-rod’s detailed PEDs orders over the last 4-years.

Bosch and his father are currently the centerpieces of an ongoing investigation about providing many professional athletes with PEDs.

Regardless of whether this latest story is true or not, how can anyone ever trust A-rod again?

This cannot be blamed on coincidence, or guilt by association but some are alluding this could be coercion.

 Yes I said coercion, as it is no secret that the Yankee brass will do anything to slash payroll.

As Hal Steinbrenner continues to promise fans a championship caliber ball club but where is it?

Tied up in some big, bad lingering contracts with the poster boy one Alex Rodriguez, who the Yankees owe $114 million too over the next 5 seasons.

And you know A-rod’s HUGE contract is giving Hal panic attacks considering he would rather forfeit winning by not fielding a championship caliber ball club just to save a buck.

Can somebody say ajita?

The Yankees are handcuffed to A-rod, as no team is reckless enough to trade for him, which leaves Hal & Co are at his mercy.

That is unless the Yankees could force him out of New York somehow.

So implementing A-rod with PEDs again all of a sudden makes a lot of sense.

The question I have is why are multiple publications reporting that the Yankees are already figuring out how to cut ties with A-rod and his contract?

Here are just a few:

–        ESPN New York

–        AOL Sporting News

–        Big League Stew

–        Sports Illustrated

–        MLB Trade Rumors

A-rod has never failed a drug test as a Yankee, and MLB has not concluded anything to be true yet so what is the rush here?

I guess I am wondering if the Yankees true intentions about A-rod are based on principle or paycheck? As without question it has been the latter this entire off-season so I have my guard up here.

The bottom line is I am praying to God that somehow A-rod name gets cleared.

Regarding A-rod losing creditability, well who said he had any to begin with?

Look I have stuck up for this man for years to fans, friends and family alike.

I stood and cheered at Yankee Stadium when everyone else was booing him because I believed he deserved better as a human being.

But that is not why I hope Alex Rodriguez was framed. It is my love for sports, and cheaters threaten that authentic feeling for fans, which is just not fair.

I would prefer even to fail with honor than win by cheating. – Sophocles