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Yankees: Alex Rodriguez update

Where, oh where has New York Yankees Alex Rodriguez been? 

English: Alex Rodriguez

English: Alex Rodriguez (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to the Dominican Newspaper, Diario Libre reported that the third baseman flew down the weekend and the reason; he was in love in Santiago.

A-Rod is rumored to be dating a 24-year old local business student, a far cry from his usual blonde, athletic celebrity type.

Normally I could care less about the players off the field private lives, but this could be the step in the right direction for A-Rod.

If there is one thing A-Rod does lacks in his life it is normalcy, and being in a relationship with a regular woman is a good start.

Hopefully this means A-Rod will not be distracted when he returns to the Yankees sometime around the All-Star Break.

What were A-Rod’s teammates doing while he was on a date in his native homeland?

Winning, again.

The Yankees won their third game in row, beating up on the Tribe 14-1.

Andy Pettitte was on the bump, giving up a homer, three walks and stuck out five Indians over seven innings pitched. Pettitte is now 2-0 on the season, with a 1.20  ERA.

Robinson Cano’s bat was on fire, as the WBC MVP had five RBIs on the night.

Kevin Youkilis, Brendan Boesch and Brett Gardner each had two RBIs in the game.

This Yankees hodgepodge is starting to mesh, as this team looks really good.

It definitely makes all my fretfulness from the horrid start to the season a tad ridiculous.

Overall this team is starting to build up my confidence and a lot of the Yankees fan base.

Pettitte told the New York Times what the plan was four days ago, “It’s not about old times,” … “It’s about us, and the new guys we’ve got on this team, and trying to pull this thing together and win another championship.”

Maybe it is time to start believing him.

Admittedly, I missed watching the game last night but I did DVR the game as I always do.

I happen to be at MSG (Madison Square Garden) watching the New York Knicks win their first division title since 1994. The place was rocking, and with good reason as this team is ready to go.

The Knicks had blue t-shirts in their lockers that said, “Can’t Stop NY Knicks. 2013 Division Champions.” 

My sincerest congratulations to the KNICKS, and all I can say is bring on the HEAT.

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  1. Richard says:

    Thanks for the Arod dating update. If that won't help his hip nothing will.

    Be careful what you ask for (HEAT)

    We look good right now. Cano in the 2 hole looks like genius for now. Oh, now it's Nova time (we may need 14 runs again)

    • LLP says:

      Richard – I do not know why Phelps doesn't get a rotation spot over Nova. Phelps needs a permanent starting spot so he can showcase his stuff and adjust. I cannot stand how the Yankees handle things sometimes, it reminds me of what they did with Joba. Nova has been terrible since middle of last season….as in the second half batters were hitting .309 against him.
      In his career, Nova's #'s vs. Tribe are not bad but it is such a small sample size that it really doesn't mean anything.

      Also, I disagree that Cano in the 2-hole is good idea. I believe Cano would have gotten hot in the 3 or 4 spot too, regardless he is not built to be in a #2 hitter and what happens when Jeter returns?
      Gardner needs to be at the bottom of the line-up in my opinion. He had a good night last night but the who line-up did. He is better in the 7, 8 or 9th and Jeter should leadoff followed by Ichiro. Gardner is not stealing bases efficiently either.

  2. Richard says:

    Concur about Nova; he's pitching himself to the bullpen and yes Phelps would be a marked improvement.

    Cano was moved to the 2 hole out of necessity. When Jeter gets back I'm sure he's back to 3 or 4 ( the 2 hole worked out pretty good for Donnie baseball). Regardless, it no big deal – you're only there the first AB anyway. Gardy and Cano could be a lethal combo. Fun to watch.

  3. Richard says:

    Look at Gardy's SB splits in 2011 when he stole 49. He had a slow start and then no one could throw him out. Must be a rhythm to it like hitting.