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Yankees: The Alex Rodriguez Story

Since the ‘alleged’ notebook of Dr. Anthony Bosch was found in the offices of the Miami New Times, no one has heard a peep or seen a flash of Alex Rodriguez.

Alex Rodriguez.

Alex Rodriguez.

Understandably, both the Yankees and A-Rod have appropriate reasons why his presence is better served away from Spring Training and his teammates.

Yet I never thought the day would come when A-rod would be allowed to literally disappear.

What’s harder to fathom is that A-Rod’s teammates have provided the New York media with enough drama that he is not being sought out. As Mo’s retirement, Kevin Youkilis saying he will always be a Red Sox, and injuries galore have kept everyone well distracted amidst an A-Rod free spring.

The only peep from A-Rod came via a statement in the Wall Street Journal on February 23, “Right now I’m dedicating 100% of my energy and focus on my rehabilitation,” Rodriguez said. “I am conducting two rehab sessions each and every day…I think we have a great team and I want to be a part of it.”

Justifiably everyone understands why A-Rod wants to prove himself but his opportunity to do such is now or never.

The door is wide open for A-rod to make amends for all his antics that Yankee fans love to endlessly complain about.

Still, A-Rod can go from zero to hero in a New York minute by doing just one simple thing.


Mind you this is pending the team is not in total shambles by the time he gets there.

The current story line unfolding features a struggling ball club, and a silent A-Rod.

Now fast-forward and imagine that A-Rod’s return sparks a subpar team right into October. He would be a New York hero, who saved the Yankees from the embarrassment of missing the postseason.

The bottom line is A-Rod has a chance to rewrite his legacy as a baseball player, and his relationship with Yankees fans. Question is can A-Rod

“Part of getting a second chance is taking responsibility for the mess you made in the first place.”Jack Bauer.

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  1. coolnewyorker says:

    I have always wonderred who from YB editorial staff picks up articles to post in Yankees page …and irks true yankee fan YB readers.

    This article by LLP on "what's his name " is just as "are you kidding me" sort of annoyance to stumble on. as this idiotic troll by LG:

    [Is It Time For The New York Yankees To Hold A Say Goodbye To Derek Jeter Day? Face It Folks He’s Done]

    Common folks, give us a break already.

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