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Yankees Alex Rodriguez is being proven innocent

Is New York Yankees Alex Rodriguez getting a fair trial in the court of public opinion? 

English: Alex Rodriguez.

English: Alex Rodriguez. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I think you already know the answer, but that doesn’t make it right.

MLB has already deemed A-Rod guilty of being a customer of Anthony Bosch’s Biogenesis clinic, which allegedly sold PEDs (performance enhancement drugs) to professional athletes. Add that with his past mistakes, and A-Rod was pretty much doomed from the start.

The problem MLB has run into lack of proof…. whoops. And guess whom they are blaming for the nonexistence evidence, A-Rod obviously.

Even ESPN‘s Outside the Lines reporter T.J. Quinn, admits that MLB has no physical evidence tied to A-Rod but reported that sources familiar with the investigation, or connected with Biogenesis told him the following:

Sources told “Outside the Lines” that the former Biogenesis of America employee, Michael Porter Fischer, left the company in September after a falling out with Bosch. Fischer, two sources said, had invested $20,000 in the company, but grew disenchanted with Bosch and demanded his money. The sources said Bosch eventually paid Fischer the $20,000, but refused to pay an additional $4,000 that Fischer said he was owed. Sources said Bosch informed Rodriguez that Fischer was threatening to expose the operation, and Rodriguez gave Bosch at least $4,000 “to make it go away.”

Sources disagree as to whether Bosch paid Fischer that money, but several sources said a group of men found Fischer, threatened him, took the documents and paid him $4,000. Sources said they believed that those documents were then destroyed, but offered different opinions as to who sent the men.

MLB has actually met with this Fisher character but declared that he (Fisher) was not very cooperative.

All these crazy statements and countless documents coming from numerous “sources” made me think that MLB might have put the cart before the horse here.

Putting personal opinions aside, lets lay out some facts and observations about this investigation:

1) A-Rod has not failed a drug test.

2) MLB has no physical evidence linking A-Rod to Anthony Bosch’s Biogenesis clinic.

3) MLB paid money to ex-employees of Biogenesis for documents.

4) MLB also paid ex-employees of Biogenesis to speak with them.

5) Nothing in this investigation proves that A-Rod is guilty.

6) MLB seems hell-bent on finding anything associating A-Rod to PEDs, but they are grasping at straws.

7) Ryan Braun actually failed a drug test and MLB didn’t investigate that case with the same robustness. Braun got off on a technicality but ultimetly failed. So how come A-Rod cannot be innocent with a passed test? That makes absolutely no sense to me.

8) For a clinic that allegedly was supplying a number of professional athletes with PEDs, they certainly kept a lot of documents. I know that if were doing something that illegal, I would keep the notes to a minimum if at all. Biogenesis employees must have trusted each other immensely as clear by their access to all customers’ information.

The bottom line in this matter is that MLB is acting very fishy in a desperate attempt to nail A-Rod.

Agree or disagree?

Agree or disagree?

The commissioner’s office is wasting a ton of time on a situation that is not unfolding instead of working towards bettering the sports future regarding PEDs.

You do not have to be Sherlock Holmes to know that A-Rod would be baseball’s logical choice as the scapegoat in this matter. As most people think he is guilty already, and he the fact that he is a huge star who plays for the Yankees doesn’t hurt either.

I will finish with something Malcolm X once said, “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.”

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  1. coolnewyorker says:

    I do not know which is worse: (1) Kate jumping on Nova and Hughes 9 games into the season (2) Kate's giving A-Rod all the benefit of the doubt. all this time.

    Something is truly very very wrong with Kate. She also blames Yanks fans for AJ Burnett's meltdown in pinstripes. Good grief!

    • LLP says:

      CNY – I completely understand why you disagree with this article about A-Rod, but I have the right to my opinion just like you do.

      Just because A-Rod came admitted to using PEDs in 2009 does not mean he is guilty in this case. In 2009 A-Rod and numerous other players failed test results leaked from the Mitchell Report. A-Rod could have taken the denial route like most of the other leaked named players did.

      Big Papi. Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Ryan Braun and many others denied ever using PEDs. A-Rod took the higher road and he did not have too.

      I am not saying that A-Rod is an angel, but as of right now there is no credible evidence that A-Rod has used PEDs again. All these "sources" who worked at this corrupt Biogenesis clinic only talked to MLB investigators if they got paid. That is not very credible/

      Also why did so many employees or "sources" have complete knowledge and access to endless paper documents regarding Anthony Bosch's illegal activity of supplying pro athletes with PEDs? Pretty stupid to keep so many detailed notes out in the open, don't you think?

      There were numerous other players in the original MNT article, but A-Rod was the only one who is taking the fall.

      There is no proof that A-Rod was connected with this Biogenesis clinic, nor has he failed any MLB drug tests.

      Braun on the other hand failed two tests, and admitted to have consulted with Bosch regarding his suspension appeal. Why would Braun pay Bosch over $20,000 to consult him when Bosch has zero credibility.

      Last month, MLB decided to sue 6 Biogenesisex-employees, along with Bosch hoping to get a US court to subpoena the documents and witnesses in this case, but the feds are not getting involved. And the only reason is there is not enough credible evidence to warrant the Feds time.

      I realize that this article could come back and bite me in the butt. But as of today there is nothing proving that A-Rod was involved in this, and until proven otherwise I will believe him. Innocent until proven guilty….

      Selig wants to bring A-Rod down to make a point that he didn't totally let PEDs get out of control on his watch as commissioner.

      • Corner says:

        First, Braun failed one test, not two. He passed the second one. And the technicality that he got off on was based on valid reasons why the sample could not be trusted.
        Second, if a player is smart (as apparently most seem to be if so many are using PEDS), then they won't fail a test. That doesn't mean they are innocent.
        Third, A-Rod's past is his past. This is the price you pay. Whether he's guilty or not in Biogenesis really doesn't matter at this point IMO, he has already taken the low road.

  2. Richard says:

    Yankees Win. Yankees Winnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!

  3. Uncle Mike says:

    Mike Lupica made the point in his weekly Sunday column that no athlete as talented as A-Rod — and there have been a few, but not many — has made as many poor decisions regarding his life and his career as he has.

    But just as there were men far more guilty in the Red Scare than Alger Hiss and the Rosenbergs, A-Rod's guilt, BASED ON WHAT HAS BEEN PUBLICLY REVEALED TO BE TRUE, is considerably less than Ortiz, who is still allowed to play, and whose 2004 and 2007 titles, which wouldn't have been possible if he were the player he was with the 2002 Twins, still stand.

    When you consider what the Yankees went through from 1995 to 2008, both through their own players (mainly A-Rod, Sheffield, Giambi, all failed to win a Pennant until A-Rod in 2009), and what their opponents did (Buhner of Seattle, Palmeiro and Brady Anderson of the '96-'97 Orioles, Juan Gonzalez of the '96-'99 Rangers, Ivan Rodriguez of those Rangers AND the '03 Marlins AND the '06 Tigers, Luis Gonzalez of the '01 Diamondbacks, the '03-'09 Red Sox, and do I have to mention Mike Piazza of the 2000 Mets?), it seems clear that no team was HURT more by steroids than the Yankees.

    If the Yankees' opponents from 1996 to 2008 can be, for all intents and purposes, let off the hook, why can't the Yankees themselves? They didn't cheat nearly as much, and were far more sinned against than sinning.

    • Richard says:

      Yeah and when I get pulled over for speeding I always say " But he was speeding more than me" NOT

      Love the history lesson. ALL CHEATERS!!!!!!!!!! Move on.

      • LLP says:

        Richard – I do not think that is what Uncle Mike was saying. Every player should be treated equitably in this situation, but MLB seems to have ignored everyone but A-Rod.

        What about the other dozen players names in the Miami New Times Biogenesis article? A-Rod was not on the list by himself, and how many notes did Anthony Bosch keep regarding his illegal transactions with athletes? And isn't it pretty unintelligent to have these detailed records so accessible?

    • LLP says:

      Uncle Mike – I completely agree with you. The truth is A-Rod made the decision to come forward on TV and he did not have too. He could have taken the denial route or just ignore it, like Manny did.
      Ryan Braun has a failed test but because of MLB got off on a technicality that would not have worked under the Olympics rules with how to handle testing packages. But Selig is hellbent on getting A-Rod.
      Also, the Yankees lack of support for one of their own is outlandish.
      The Yankees want to get rid of his contract so badly that they do not stand behind A-Rod, which until evidence is presented to the contrary, I think the organization should.

  4. Richard says:


    Of all the people you could have quoted.

  5. ross says:

    let's get him back in the lineup. The yankees need him