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Yankees: Alex Rodriguez deserves an apology

Alex Rodriguez sharing his thoughts on a calle...

Alex Rodriguez sharing his thoughts on a called strike. Photograph by Googie Man (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is not a post about how the New York Yankees got swept in the ALCS by the Tigers, as after the way Detroit played they deserved it.

This is about Alex Rodriguez.

As unless you have lived in a cabin out in the woods over the last week, sports fans around the world have most certainly read, listened or watched some story about the Yankees slugger.

A-rod has been in the Majors for 19-years, spending the last nine seasons with the Yankees and his time in New York has been far from easy.

From his $250 million, 10-year mega-contract thru 2017, to his 2009 steroid admission, A-rod never had a leg to stand on in Yankee Universe.

And it caused his many achievements as a Yankee to be taken for granted. As fans continually use the excuse that A-rod is capable of doing more making all the good almost vanish.

Personally, my heart has always gone out to A-rod, as he has never been allotted the same chances the other players get as fans presume he can wipe his tears away with dollar bills.

See I don’t believe that a player’s paycheck is really my business just because I buy a ticket or wear a Yankees cap. As I am going to be a sports fan, a Yankees fan no matter what and that is never going to change.

A lot of fans don’t see it that way, or at least they don’t regarding A-rod, as sadly, the money has caused his talents to no longer be remarkable but required.

And whom wouldn’t that take a toll? And what fans seem to forget is that without A-rod, the Yankees would still be trying to win #27, not #28.

Look, I am well aware that A-rod hasn’t made it easy on himself over the years but everyone makes mistakes in their 20’s. And I can imagine that messing up as a pro-athlete is a lot easier, as you must feel practically invincible.

But this anti-A-rod smear campaign got out of control, to the point of public humiliation; and I feel the Yankees have handled it horribly.

And I get that when a superstar athlete’s off-the field antics start to trump his production it irks the organization because you are there to do a job. But A-rod cannot even pick his nose in NYC without it being on Page Six of the NY Post, whether he is hitting or not.

I mean just look at all the attention the woman who A-rod allegedly had a ball tossed too requesting for her phone number is receiving?

I mean this chick has monopolized national headlines since this story came out four days ago, not that it wasn’t a total idiot and inappropriate move, but come on.

The stats clearly prove that the Yankees as a whole can play a lot better than they did.

And all A-rod has tried so damn hard to do is be a player that the Yankees are proud of, and presumably would support him through his ups and downs.

Instead the Yankees embarrassed him for slumping by benching him, and not his teammates. And that humiliation was right before the childish behavior kicked in, as it seemed like more of a defense mechanism for A-rod.

As the scenario points to the Yankees trying to run him out-of-town, because ultimately it is still A-rod’s decision as he has a no-trade clause in his contract.

Bottom line is the Yankees are the ones who gave A-rod the biggest contract baseball has ever seen; the Yankees are the ones who offered him the 10-years; and the Yankees are the ones to blame for it. And I find them sickening for it.

My guess is that the Yankees, true or not, might have leaked the ball story, to the press.

The Yankee brass is well aware of how that story would resonate with the Yankee fans, as well as with the media.

And the gossip distracted everyone from how foolish benching A-rod was. As I believe the Yankees line-up is better with just A-rod’s presence alone, especially since it probably cost the team a win vs. Verlander in ALCS Game 3.

Since I believe in karma, and believe that the ice-cold bats could have something to do with how A-rod was treated.

As the great Tibetan leader Sakyong Mipham once said:

“Karma moves in two directions. If we act virtuously, the seed we plant will result in happiness. If we act non-virtuously, suffering results.”

A tad ironic don’t you think?

Overall what unfolded within the Yankees organization was awful.

The saddest part for me as that it took all the fun out of the postseason; and honestly it made losing the ALCS feel like a weight lifted instead of an opportunity missed.


  1. Richard says:

    Not once do you mention his lack of production. His metrics have slipped over the last 4 years. Is he still productive , Yes!!. Does he make the lineup better? Probably. Has he performed like the cleanup hitter for the New York Yankees?
    Not even close.

    Stick to performance. Isn't that why we have him?

  2. george says:

    how about

    Baseball is 90 percent mental and the other half is physical.