Yankees: If I were Alex Rodriguez I would dance on my dollars - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees: If I were Alex Rodriguez I would dance on my dollars - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees: If I were Alex Rodriguez I would dance on my dollars - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Yankees: If I were Alex Rodriguez I would dance on my dollars

Guess who is back in the news again? 

English: Alex Rodriguez, New York Yankees player.

English: Alex Rodriguez, New York Yankees player. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you guessed New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez, you are correct.

It seems that the Yankee brass, specifically GM Brian Cashman and owner Hal Steinbrenner have recently both made not so “team friendly” comments about A-Rod.

Cashman described A-Rod’s time in pinstripes in an ESPN exclusive prior to Sunday’s game vs. the Red Sox, “It’s kind of like the Clint Eastwood movie, ‘The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.’ ”

Yesterday, in a press conference about the Yankees new soccer venture, Steinbrenner said this about his highest paid employee’s deal, It’s a big contract. We all hope he’s going to act like a Yankee and do the best to live up to it.” New York Times

A-Rod has yet to play one inning in the field or have an at-bat yet this season but that hasn’t stopped the Yankees front office from taking digs at him when possible.

During this past off-season, A-Rod had his second career hip surgery in four years. This time it was on his left hip, unlike when he went under the knife for his right one before 2009.

This latest surgery was preformed back in January, and deemed a successful.

Ever since, A-Rod has been rehabbing like a literal madman seven days a week eyeing a return expected after the All-Star Break.

A-Rod is signed with the Yankees through 2017 and owed $114 million bucks.

I am not saying that A-Rod has been an angel, hence the PED admission, infidelity, post season slumps, poker games, celebrity blonde girlfriends etc. but I think the constant smearing is getting way out of hand.

The Yankees gave him that $275 million dollar, 10-year contract and I do not care who you are that amount of money and time is totally nuts.

It would be one thing if A-Rod got a blank contract and was allowed to fill it out to his liking without the Yankees consent.

A-Rod accepted what money and years the Yankees put on the table, so inevitably the team screwed themselves. A-Rod does not deserve an ounce of blame here.

Yes, A-Rod has had a slew of injuries the last two seasons, which has limited his playing time.

His talent has diminished but what do the Yankees expect at 38-years old. He is not super-human, and never claimed to be so again the Yankees kicked their own behinds.

What gets to me is that A-Rod, though far from perfect, is getting ridiculed within his own organization.

The Yankees are supposed to be a family, and everyone in it should be treated so.

A-Rod is a Yankee and that warrants a level of mutual respect when it comes to the public and airing dirty laundry.

This especially applies to guys like Cashman and Baby Stein because they set the example to follow.

And by throwing A-Rod under the bus like this only reflects poorly on them.


Everybody under the sun knows that the Yankees would do practically anything to get A-Rod’s money off the books.

Steinbrenner is probably drooling at the thought of not having to pay A-Rod all the money because it would almost solidify the Yankees being under the $189 luxury-tax threshold next season.

The problem that the Yankees have is that A-Rod’s contract is player loaded. The only way to get rid of that contract is if A-Rod’s career ends due to injury, or if he abolishes it on his own accord.

A-Rod loves being a Yankee and can’t wait to get back to playing this season.

That doesn’t sound like a guy who wants to leave any time soon.

So a last resort would be to make A-Rod as uncomfortable as possible in the pinstripes. All in a pathetic attempt to put more money back into there own pockets, and not pay what was agreed upon.

This whole exploiting of A-Rod by the Yankee brass is just really gross.

It makes you think maybe A-Rod should start making public comments on Cashman’s extra curricular activities to the media, as he is a key figure in the Yankees organization too, right?

I think A-Rod should ride out all five years left on his deal, if only for the sake that he can.

And there is nothing the Yankees can do except watch.

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  1. Kurt Smith says:

    Jeez, Kate, I know what you mean about the Yankees supposedly being a family and not badmouthing your own players, but we're talking about a Steinbrenner here! Big George was absolutely famous for badmouthing his own players and managers. No reason to think anything changed with his sons in charge.

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