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Yankees: Alex Rodriguez was right

Alex Rodriguez shaves NYDN

Alex Rodriguez shaves his arms and legs, according to Yankees’ barber – NY Daily News

Newsday’s Gus Garcia-Roberts broke this news earlier in the week that MLB didn’t listen after being repeatedly warned by Florida authorities that the documents they were chasing as evidence in the Alex Rodriguez Biogenesis scandal were not to be purchased because they were stolen.

This is just one instance of MLB’s reported illegal conduct in the infamous Biogenesis investigation off the official police report submitted by detectives that Newsday made public on May 11, 2014.

Lead detective, Terrence Payne wrote that there was “evidence of involvement” by “several MLB investigators” that the stolen documents were acquired from a convicted felon for the sum of $125,000. MLB knew the documents were obtained illegally, which is a felony. Translation, the documents would not hold up as evidence in any US Court.

NBC Sports quoted from the police report that, Sandra Boonenberg, a spokeswoman for the Boca Raton Police Department, stated unequivocally that a Florida investigator “warned MLB not to purchase the documents” and that the investigator told their detective about that conversation “before the documents were purchased” by MLB.

And this is only the tip of the iceberg…and surely a story the A-Rod thirsty media would pounce on, right?


This story has not been reported on ESPN at all, nor has it even been told in the NY Post.

Not even the A-Rod scandal obsessed NY Daily News that just a week ago deemed A-Rod’s shaving habits as front-page news, but deemed this HUGE development in A-Rod saga, as not worthy news to report.

NYDN’s Mike Lupica should be writing an article apologizing to A-Rod for the things he wrote, but that would make Bud Selig wrong, right?

The NYDN did feel readers should know that, MLB chief operating officer Rob Manfred said league officials had concluded that it was time to restructure the unit, now that the Biogenesis case is over; hence why lead Biogenesis investigator, Dan Mullin and four others got fired by MLB on May 1, 2014.

And still, the NYDN haven’t touched on the police report findings, which is almost tongue-in-cheek considering their love for everything A-Rod, just long as it makes him look bad.

Ok…but wait, the Player’s Association must be irate about these findings so must have issued a statement, and scheduled a press conference, right?

Wrong again, as the Player’s Association hasn’t uttered a word.

Personally, the red flag went up for me when MLB elected to pay and protect Biogenesis founder Anthony Bosch just for his testimony against A-Rod. Bosch was desperate man about to go to jail, who would have claimed my mom sold A-Rod PEDs if the price was right.

But as they say, the truth always prevails and even though MLB gets to play by their own rules about suspending players, the fact is they broke the law and should be penalized accordingly.

Ironically, MLB fired lead Biogenesis investigator, Dan Mullin and four others on May 1, 2014 saying it was time to restructure now that the Biogenesis case was done.

Look, no matter how you spin this, MLB’s criminal actions are downright shady and way worse than any alleged PED use by A-Rod.

So A-Rod was correct in suing MLB, but with all the public indignation the media spurred surrounding the case he ended up throwing in the white flag, as anyone would have.

Newsday posted a detailed timeline of events that will paint a clearer picture of what went actually went down.

The bottom line here is Commissioner Bud Selig, MLB President Rob Manfred and arbitrator Frederic Horowitz are the real proven liars and MLB should be ashamed, not A-Rod.

Ask yourself this question, if a child had to choose between two friends would you recommend them to keep the committed felon, and drop the guy who allegedly might have cheat during Scrabble?

I don’t know about you, but I was taught that people who commit felonies are called criminals. And criminals usually don’t get away scout free, and MLB is no exception.

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  1. Richard says:

    Glad this makes you feel better. Your bosses did you a real disservice by putting up that ridiculous cartoon of A-rod. It cheapens your well-written post.

    • LLP says:

      I hear you Richard, but I was trying to make a point about how the NY Daily News puts A-Rod on the front page for basically anything….so why not this?

      • Richard says:

        If A-rod gave a rat's ass about the Yankees he could have fallen on his sword and taken a 3-6 month ban. Then he could contribute this year.

  2. GameScribe says:

    Gimme a break, will ya? An "illegal" search produces smoking gun evidence and you want the proven lawbreaking criminal released so that he can commit another crime? A-Roid's, excuse me, A-Rod's entire baseball career, from high school on, has been replete with PED usage.. It's documented, it's a fact. This egomaniac is a phony, a cheat, a liar, and A-Fraud. Here's the concept, A- Droid, better to put the murderer Al Capone away for tax evasion than allow him to kill another human being. May A-Rod's fake career be over, once and for all. And he's not coming back – no player's performance will be tested and scrutinized more. He cannot perform juice-less. The Yanks will pay him off and take the gigantic financial hit, never to have the luster of the pinstripe uniform soiled by him again. He is done, as is PED-free Jeter but obviously for other reasons, i.e. ankle injury, inactivity for 2 seasons, and the decline of athletic ability which comes from being too old to play at a high competitive level. A nice fairwell for The Captain and a hearty F.U. to A-Roid. Let's move on.

    • LLP says:

      Gamescrib – you have the right to your opinion regarding A-Rod, but that does not change the fact that MLB broke the law and committed a felony. Buying stolen documents from a convicted felon does not make the documents fact, and no US Court would allow them to be used as evidence. But the issue is that MLB was told NOT to purchase stolen documents repeatedly by authorities because it is a crime, but they did it anyway.

      That is on top of getting Tony Bosch out of criminal charges, paying and protecting to testify….A-Rod was treated unfairly and MLB deserves to get in legal trouble for this.

      • realitycheck says:

        What MLB did shouldn't even be considered a felony or even a crime at all. Who cares how they got the information?, the information does not change due to the manner in which it was obtained. Arod committed MANY felonies, perjury on multiple occasions and he himself is guilty of extortion and tried to do the very same thing in trying to buy and destroy those files…and oh yeah…so that's another felony. Everythign A-Rod has done has been a fraud, and a crime, his whole professional career is a crime. MLB paying for documents is a drop in the bucket and does not matter one whit in the slightest.

        • Realitychck – Last time I checked, breaking the law is a crime no exceptions! Evidence that was stolen, and then bought from a convicted felon would not hold up in a US courtroom for a second.

          By condoning illegal measures to the utmost extent, MLB proved they have no integrity, which should scare every player in the league.

          Just some advice, hating someone like you do A-Rod, who I presume you do not know personally at all that much is ridiculous. You are wasting so much energy on someone that has zero impact on your personal life and it is clouding your rational completely to see the bigger picture here.

          A felony is a felony…..there is no astericks for *personal vendettas.

          Maybe you should read the police report, which you can find in its entirety on Newsday's website.

      • Richard says:

        You are the driver who gets pulled over for speeding and says, " I was just following the flow – they were driving faster than me". Last time I checked no one was suing MLB. A-Rod admitted using steroid in 2009 and there is to much smoke in 2012-2013. MLB is no boy scout, but if A-rod was clean would there be a story????

  3. Baeballman says:

    Do you ever proof read your writing? "Criminals don't usually get away scout free???" Your points are well taken but you certainly aren't a writer and if I had two friends like either of these I would find new friends!.

    • LLP says:

      Baseballman – I apologize for the spelling error, as my checker auto corrects words sometimes.

      I totally see why you wouldn't be friends with either, but I was just making a point.

      And regarding your opinion that I am not a writer, you are correct. I am a just a huge baseball fan with an opinion that likes to blog about it. I apologize if my writing is not up to par for you, but just trying my best.

  4. GameScribe says:

    Friends? WTF are you Yankee cool-aid drinking weirdos talking about?! Complee strangers in cyberspace are now considered friends? get a life. And for the record, Bud Selig is also a fraud; nothing more than a used car salesman (how he made his money to become part owner of the Milwaukee Brewers/Seattle Pilots) who never stopped speaking out of both sides of his mouth. So good riddance to that hypocritical lying sack of sh-t, too. The bottom line is that in the court of Public Opinion, Alex Rodriquez is guilty as charged and no legal maneuvering will ever change that. Just think of the legacies of Bonds, Clemens, Palmiero, Sosa, McGwire, etc., etc. and you have your answer. Bye.

    • GameScribe – Everyone has the right to their own opinion about A-Rod. I feel bad for the guy.

      Did A-Rod admit to cheating in 2009? Yes, but he did not have to come forward as no one else on the same list did.

      And regarding this recent situation….. A-Rod did not fail one drug test. Actuall, he passed 9 MLB issued drug tests, which if he is guilty doesn't say much about the test itself. If these drug tests can be deceived so easily, the problem must be HUGE!!!!

  5. Richard says:

    BINGO!!!!!!! You have finally got it!!!!!

    13 Biogenesis suspensions based on NO failed drug test. ALL excepted ( except A-rod). Evidence was overwhelming. Technology always lags behind CHEATERS who try to beat the system.

    Move on!!!!!