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Yankees: Welcome back Alex Emmanuel Rodriguez

The Alex Rodriguez show has only just begun. 

English: A-Rod batting in 2007.

English: A-Rod batting in 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And here is what happened on A-Rod’s first official day back in the pinstripes:

–       MLB finally handed out the infamous Biogenesis suspensions yesterday, and A-Rod got the heftiest at 211-games. The other 12 players busted will sit out 50-games, which is standard for first time offenders.

–       According to ABC News, the reason for A-Rod’s elevated punishment was in addition to using numerous forms of prohibited performance-enhancing substances,” he also violated MLB’s labor contract by, “attempting to cover up his violations of the program by engaging in a course of conduct intended to obstruct and frustrate the office of the commissioner’s investigation.”

–       A-Rod is fighting the suspension and the MLB Players Association is behind him 100%. The head of MLBPA, Michael Weiner felt that A-Rod’s breached the Joint Drug Agreement. He also stated that he felt Commissioner Bud Selig acted inappropriately, and was way out of line in this specific situation.

–       A-Rod is officially back on the New York Yankees payroll, as the insurance money that came courtesy of his second hip injury, went adios the minute he stepped onto the grass at Cellular Field last night.


No doubt.

So Yankee fans will be living in an A-Rod world for months to come, as at the earliest, the appeals process will conclude by November of this year.

That means if A-Rod remains healthy, he will be playing third base for the rest of the 2013 season.

And that is a good thing considering how unproductive the Yankees have been not only as a team, but also at third base.

Whether anyone cares to admit it, A-Rod is a fellow human being and no one wants to be booed, heckled and treated as harshly, cheater or not.

Last night in Chicago, A-Rod made his season début and the fans in attendance were downright nasty. And being that angry not only eats up personal energy, it is also just not nice.

Now if you happen to fall into the Yankees fan-A-Rod hater group, stop and think for a minute. And remember that winning is still, and always will be the main goal here.

The bottom line here is A-Rod, even as half the shell of his former self puts the 2013 Yankees in a better position to win.

Find me anyone that will argue with the fact that the Yankees need to start tacking some W’s on the left side, or else there will be no baseball in the Bronx this October.

Coming off a series loss to the Padres, the Yankees should have pounced on the under .500 White Sox but lost the first game of the three game set embarrassingly, 8-1.

So now, if you call yourself a Yankees fan, you can dig deep and try to cheer for A-Rod on Friday night when he returns to the Stadium for the first time?

Or at the very least, you could just zip it and stay in your seat because it is the right thing to do.


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