Yankees cannot afford a Hughes problem again - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees cannot afford a Hughes problem again - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees cannot afford a Hughes problem again - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Yankees cannot afford a Hughes problem again

Don’t you hate it when you are right? 

Phil Hughes on the Scranton Yankees

Phil Hughes on the Scranton Yankees (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What about when you are over and over again?

Well, once again, I will state that in this situation I would have happily accepted being wrong about Yankees pitcher Phil Hughes ability.

But enough is enough.

I have been ripped to shreds for my so-called ‘obsession’ with Hughes’ overall lack of skill to be a successful starter.

Even when Hughes had those few moments of greatness this season, he never failed to find a way back to stink again.

And now Hughes cannot even muster up enough to make one decent start that used to cause everyone to reminisce back to the 2010 season when he won 18-games.

A majority of Yankee fans were in utter denial about the specifics about Hughes’ career year, when I knew his 2010 season was just a fluke.

Hughes went 18-8 in 2010 but in 14 of those wins, the Yankees scored six or more runs, which was the most run support in baseball.

Hughes pitched a total of 176 innings and giving up 25 home-runs, which are not typical numbers for an 18-game winner who made 31 starts.

Blah, blah, blah… this Hughes scenario is a broken record that no one seems to want to move away from.

The difference is this Yankees team cannot afford to keep Hughes in the rotation because they are fighting just to get a Wild Card berth.

See the last four years the Yankees were in a better place so they could afford some question marks, but unfortunately for Hughes supporters, we do not live in the past.

The only fact now is that Yankee Universe owes Mother Nature a drink or two or three for yesterday, as the rain forced limited Hughes to throwing just an inning and a half vs. the White Sox.

The Yankees new addition David Huff come in, and he held the White Sox to scoring just one run over just shy of six innings of work.

Huff also had some help as the Yankee bats scored seven runs in the fourth inning, so the team was working on all cylinders.

So once again the Yankees future comes down to Skipper Joe Girardi and GM Brian Cashman.

Cash and Girardi’s job is to put the best team on the field and that means not starting Hughes again this season.

Like I have said in the past, that 18-game winning version of Hughes that everyone is waiting to appear is never coming back.

And that is because that guy never really existed to begin with, as the Yankees infatuation with Phil Hughes is to be continued.


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  1. Bill Barger says:

    They wised up and sent Hughes to the pen. Guess they will move Huff or Claiborne into the rotation.

  2. Tanned Tom says:

    Phil Hughes is actually a very serviceable 4th starter, just not for the Yankees. He'll play in San Diego or Seattle next year and bounce back to 180 innings and a 4.20 ERA. Some guys just can't play in NY, look at AJ, crap in NY, a stud in Pittsburgh.