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Yankees Trade Rumors: Cliff Lee

English: Cliff Lee pitching in the 2010 World ...

English: Cliff Lee pitching in the 2010 World Series (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As you probably already know, New York Yankees starter CC Sabathia’s degenerative right knee condition took a turn for the worst last week, and skipper Joe Girardi confirmed that the lefty’s 2014 campaign is over.

That news, along with ace Masahiro Tanaka slumping a little is not ideal for a Yankees team struggling to stay afloat in such a meager AL East.

The fact that none of the five teams within the division can grasp a foothold on it has been the Yankees saving grace to this point.

Last night with Tanaka on the bump, the Yankees lost to the Indians, 5-3 putting them just a game over .500 at 45-44.

They also pushed themselves back another half-game further from the first place Orioles, who now have a four game lead ahead of the third place Yankees.

With the trade deadline looming, a shortage of top prospects and a need for rotation help, the Yankees will have to pay to play.

And the Yankees brass would be stupid not to open their wallets with the AL East still ripe for the taking.

But who is left that can help fill a void and propel the Yankees to win the division?

Well, there was Cubs Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel but the Athletics already nabbed them.

Rays have made it known that ace David Price is on the block. But Price will not come cheap and the likelihood of Tampa sending him to a divisional rival is slim to none.

One rumor, according to the New York Daily News is that the Yankees could go after 35-year old veteran Cliff Lee. Lee has been sidelined since beginning of May with an elbow injury, but he is slated to make a rehab start later this week.

Now, I realize Yankees fans are going berserk over this idea, as I did when I first heard that Lee was even a possibility. But when I thought about it more, I realized that if Lee’s elbow proves healthy in his rehab starts acquiring him might just work.

The Phillies owe Lee between $50 – $60 million through 2016, and you can bet the City of Brotherly Love would be elated to get that money off their books. And since money is something the Yankees have a plethora of, getting Lee is in their reach.

It makes no sense for the Yankees to completely wipe their farm system of all minor league talent left for an arm like John Danks.

Lee will not command what Samardzija or Price would prospect-wise, and the Yankees take on the majority of his salary.

There has been chatter about the Yankees going after Lee’s teammate, Cole Hamels but reality is the Phillies will command a lot more his services.

Honestly, Lee is not my first choice but he might be the Yankees only one pending he is healthy. True, he is a shell of what he was, but Lee is experienced and has proven he pitch in high leverage situation.

Bottom line is the Yankees cannot hope that 37-year old Hiroki Kuroda won’t sputter post All-Star Break again; and with an already over-worked bullpen, getting pitching help could be the difference maker come October.

I know trading for Lee is a risk, but in my opinion it is one where the reward could be worth it.

I would love to know what you think about Lee donning the Yankees pinstripes in 2014?

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  1. Kevin says:

    Yankees are buying all these people which turns out to be a bust.. Burrnet, ARod, Beltran, Soriono. So lets start with the farm system and start giving guys a chance. Oakland has a $75 million payroll and look where they are. Yanks have 200 million and look where they are. At some time yanks will hurt financially and should stop spending 10 years on anyone. First of all no one is worth any money they make. Lets put everyone on steriods and play ball.

    • LLP says:

      Kevin – I hear what you are saying, but the Yankees did not sign Cano because he wanted 10-years and now I wish they had because the offense is desperate for his bat.

      The A's have to win a WS still this season before we declare them the end all be all. Money comes with playing in NYC…. And it doesn't bother me because it is not mine being spent.

      But as far as you thinking the Yankees will hurt financially…. That is not going in the near future, if ever, as the franchise is worth the second most money in sports behind Manchester United. The money is spent frivolously because the Yankees have a plethora of it.

  2. Roger says:

    the need for fresh talent has seemingly always been the Yanks downfall….they just don't seem capable of getting "that" talent or to hold on to it if a youngster shows promise….age has been a yearly nemesis along with injuries…makes for another long season

    • LLP says:

      Well, Tanaka, Nova and Pineda are all under 26 years old or younger and all hurt. Sabathia is just 31-years old, which is not that old for MLB.

      I do agree with your talent point Roger, as the Yankees seem to struggle developing players or more specifically, transferring them from Minors to Majors. Gardner, Robertson, Betances, Nova are all home grown, and Cano was too so I think bad luck has something to do with it a little too.

  3. Otto says:

    Lee might be a quick fix, but then they are stuck with him for another year but if healthy it might be worth it if they do not give up too much. I think the need to do a better job of developing their pitchng. I think they baby them too much in the minors. I do not think Cashman has done that good of job with the resources he has available. For every good move there are two bad ones. I do agree they need to give some of the kids a shot to inject some excitement into the team. Like Rob Refsnyder should get a shot. I think Cashman should really try to pry a shortstop away from the Cubs. I think that Javier Baez could be the shortstop for the next 10 years. The future is now. I enjoy your prespective and reading your blog.

  4. jerrynotpit says:

    The Yankees need to do much better with their farm system. They are busy trading for players who have been around a while when they should be looking at bringing in new young talent. It they get better at developing new players with the cash they have it would be hard for someone else to lure them away. Should they bring Lee in? Right now I don't see another option. Something has to happen for them to make the playoffs.