Yankees: 4 painstaking articles to read about Alex Rodriguez's saga - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees: 4 painstaking articles to read about Alex Rodriguez's saga - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees: 4 painstaking articles to read about Alex Rodriguez's saga - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Yankees: 4 painstaking articles to read about Alex Rodriguez’s saga

Alex Rodriguez.

Alex Rodriguez in a game on 5/26/08

Alex Rodriguez in a game on 5/26/08 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is not much I can tell you that has not already been written about.

People are either siding with A-Rod, MLB or neither about whether the 162-game suspension was just or not.

After reading countless articles on this mess, I do not think either side is coming out of this looking good, and that is a shame.

Until substantial evidence, not out of Tony Bosch’s mouth, is presented can anyone really not question both sides/

After reading through numerous the articles written on this situation, I thought I would share the four I found most informative. So..here they are in no specific order.

1. A-Rod: Six Unanswered Questions – Wallace Matthews, ESPN.

Matthews’s poses six key questions that were not asked during 60 Minutes half-hour long report this past Sunday night.

At the conclusion of the article, Matthews asks readers, “What question would you have liked to hear asked and answered on “60 Minutes” on Sunday night?”

I would have added two questions.

First I would have asked Tony Bosch, “If it was so “easy” for you to instruct A-Rod how to pass a over 12 urine tests, how come your clients Manny Ramirez and Bartolo Colon each failed two; and Melky Cabrera one?”

According to MLB, Bosch is a “creditable” witness so his claim that beating MLB’s drug tests is simple to do then baseball has still has a HUGE problem regarding use of PED’s. This would mean MLB Commissioner Bud Selig has not done his job very well because Bosch said it. And this also would mean that only a small minority of pro athletes probably fails drug tests. Think about it…. who would knowingly take PEDs and not want learn the easy way to trick the test so it comes up clean?

My other question would have been for Commissioner Selig, “How come when Melky Cabrera lied, and had a fake website made up after failing a PED test got only 50-games suspension? And also why did MLB allow Ryan Braun to awarded the 2011 NL MVP Award when both MLB and Braun knew about his failed test results weeks earlier?”

2. The Alex Rodriguez situation: Nobody wins! – David Groveman, Mets360.com.

A Mets fan’s opinion on how this impacts the sport he loves. The Mets have enough of issues for their fans to really care about A-Rod’s status at all.

3. MLB needs to assure the players that the A-Rod case does not set a new precedent – Craig Calcaterra, NBC Sports – Hardball Talk.

4. A-Rod Fallout: Baseball Still Filthy DirtyJay Mariotti, Sports Talk Florida.


I thought some of you might want to read what Scott Boras, A-Rod’s ex agent who he had a huge falling out with in 2004, opinion on all this.

DJ Short of NBC Sports Hardball Talk reported Boras’s comments in the article; Scott Boras says MLB is wrong to cut deals with PED pushers.

All this A-Rod drama is not close to being over, and it seems to get more confusing by the hour.

The passionate opinions being given about A-Rod, Selig, MLB, PEDs, Tony Bosch etc. lend a lot of perspective on the issues at hand, which I find quite interesting.

More to come…

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