Yankee Stadium was hot but Hughes was not Yankee Stadium was hot but Hughes was not Yankee Stadium was hot but Hughes was not

Yankee Stadium was hot but Hughes was not

Starting pitcher Phil Hughes was up to his old tricks yesterday afternoon in the Yankees’ 10-5 rubber-game loss against to the Atlanta Braves.


Hughes gave up four homers, six earned runs, with five strikeouts and was out of the game after just 4.1 innings pitched.

In his last outing vs. the Nationals, both Hughes and the Yankee bats made it through their first game without the home-run; and won.

Well, Hughes certainly made up for it in yesterday’s debacle, as he raised his season homer totals to 19 in 78.1 innings pitched, which is second worst in the majors.

The outing elevated Hughes ERA to almost 5.00 (4.94), which is a miracle consider his love of the long ball. Hughes also tacked on another loss leaving him at 7-6 in 14 starts for the season.


…If only Hughes could have been luckier yesterday but he wasn’t.

I was on the verge of having to almost admit defeat, as the minuscule possibility of me being wrong would have raised the bar. And that would have required some type of  warm-up article to being almost sorry; like a pre-apology post.

But I live to see another day, while Hughes will continue to get exposed as he continues to depend on his four-seamer like his does.

Look, we all the story here with Hughes so no need to rehash the whole thing.

I will admit that Hughes had been much better up until yesterday.

Still, it is the same old story for Hughes. Fact is if he wants to be a top-of-the-line starter he needs to make his curveball a strikeout pitch; and get command on his changeup to get hitters to chase it.

And to think…..I was about two to three starts away from having to make a HUGHES apology for ripping him to shreds this season.

So, while Phil Hughes froze on the mound, I, on the hand, had never sweated so much while doing so little; and it all happened at Yankee Stadium yesterday.

I mean who could ask for a more special way to officially start the summertime.


Here are some stupid facts about Hughes, nines and yesterday.

Hughes gave up 4 of the 9 total homers yesterday, which is a new record for most ever at the new Yankee Stadium.

Hughes has 19 homers on the season.

Opposing hitters are posting a .269 batting average vs. Hughes.

Hughes has a 4.94 ERA on the season.

Hughes has thrown 1386 in total, and 913 of them were strikes.

Ok, the ‘niner’ thing was stretching it a little but I just saw Tommy Boy for the first time in a while; so cut me some ok?