Yankee fans are ready to welcome Youks to the Bronx - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankee fans are ready to welcome Youks to the Bronx - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankee fans are ready to welcome Youks to the Bronx - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Yankee fans are ready to welcome Youks to the Bronx

New York Yankee fans need to relax, big time!

Kevin Youkilis

Kevin Youkilis (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

Kevin Youkilis might play for the Yankees, but he will forever be a Boston Red Sox in my mind.

So earlier this week when Youkilis told ESPN New York, “I’ll always be a Red Sox,” personally, I found it refreshingly honest.

The problem is the majority of Yankees Universe did not.


Youkilis later retracted his sentiments by pledging his loyalty and heart to the pinstripes.

He might have been too late, as Youkilis seems to have opened Pandora’s box.

Sans Alex Rodriguez around who are Yankees fan going to heckle at?

AJ Burnett used to be the go-to guy when A-Rod was playing well, or was hurt.

Reality is the Yankees do still pay a lot Burnett’s salary, so technically fans could make the trek to Pittsburgh to find their old friend. But the hitch with this is that Burnett has pitched like an ace for the Pirates, so the booing does not apply.

And Youkilis already has the résumé. He played eight and a half seasons in Boston, check. The Yankees are overpaying Youkilis to a tune of $12 million plus incentives for just one season in New York. Pay to play or booooo, check two.

So it was no surprise that the New York media went nuts when Youkilis spoke kindly about his new team’s biggest rivals. As sadly that is how many New York fans interpret it without acknowledging that this guy came up with the Red Sox too.

Many Yankee fans I know were waiting for Youkilis to slip up but he served it up on a silver platter. A very A-Rod like slip, I may add.

Well as they say the proof is in the tweets. So here are a few from Yankee fans that prove Youkilis will be filling in for A-Rod, literally and figuratively.


I pray that Yankee fans can act like normal human beings towards Kevin Youkilis when he arrives at the Stadium.

This season is already going to be a wake-up call in the Bronx.

Yankee fans need to realize that this 2013 team has the potential to miss the playoffs, and God forbid become the new AL East basement dwellers.

So booing any player this season is unacceptable for the simple fact that this team needs all the support they can get.

Bottom line is booing and heckling A-Rod, AJ or any player for that matter is tacky and hurts their individual psyche.

Personally, the only acceptable time to boo is if the Yankees are blowing a four game lead in the ALCS to a wild-card team. In that situation I am all for screaming profanities at the team but otherwise please listen to Bambi.

“If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it at all.”


  1. Pete says:

    I have finally realized why some players don't do well on the road. It's because they get booed and it hurts their feelings.

    It' like your a ten year old child writing their first sports blog. Mercy!!!!

  2. dwnhillwhaler says:

    How do you usher in the possibility of the worst season in the Steinbrenner era? Getting all uptight about a Benign comment about a guy's team that brought it up. i guess big picture aint a big thing in the Bronx. Enjoy the AL east basement Yankoff fans, you earned it.