Yankee fans October predictions Yankee fans October predictions Yankee fans October predictions

Yankee fans October predictions

The month of September is a great time for baseball.

Yankees Stadium – 2010 ALCS

And 2012 appears to be another battle to the finish line. And mind you this is in the aftermath of one of the best finishes to a regular season ever in 2011.

Is it the added Wild Card team?

Well, the new format defiantly makes winning the Wild Card less desirable, as who strives to play a one, do or die game the day after the season ends to move on to the Divisional Series.

And up in the Bronx, a one game playoff would be considered taking the wrong path that could only be forgotten with a World Series ring.

Now it is no secret that they Yankees have been not playing their best baseball lately; and this has cost them their cushiony lead in the AL East standings.

As both the Tampa Bay Rays and Baltimore Orioles took advantage, as not both are just four-games behind New York.

But just a few days back, the Rays got as close as 1.5-games to the Yankees, which obviously caused utter panic in the Big Apple, after being consumed with the idea of#28 was inevitable.

So, over the weekend I begin asking Yankees fans, from all walks of life, what their opinion is on the 2012 Yankees and playing in October (aka. month playoffs start. And here some of the responses I got, in no particular order:

  • “The Bombers got the AL East in the bag.”
  • “Totally going to miss the playoffs.”
  • “Defiantly going to lose first-round, again; and probably in a painful 5-games, again.”
  • “Finish with one of the two AL Wild Card spots, but thinking about it is giving anxiety already.”
  • “Injuries have been so bad that I am surprised they made it this far.”
  • “I would see A-rod get traded and for Jeter to win the 2012 AL MVP.”
  • “World Series here we come. And next week I am getting the #28 tattooed on my chest, no joke, and I will show it too you.”
  • “Did you see what Boston just did? Yanks need to do the same and get rid of A-rod. Well…basically everyone but Cano, CC and Soriano. And Robertson too. Oh I like that Phelps starter.”

Truthfully, predicting whether the Yankees will make to playoffs is one thing, as missing October would be historically devastating but I do not believe that will happen.

Now, winning the AL East is a whole kind of different monster.

So, what is your prediction for the Bronx Bombers?

Can the Yankees stay ahead of the Rays and O’s for the next month, and win the division they have owned almost all season long?

Will New York be home to one of the first fan-bases to experience the new Wild Card format?

Or will there be no baseball come October in the Bronx?

One Comment

  1. Richard says:

    Is defiantly really that close to definitely?

    "But just a few days back, the Rays got as close as 1.5-games to the Yankees,"
    (the closest was 8/23 @ 2.5 games (3 loss col)

    Prediction: If Yanks can manage 5-5 vs the O's/Rays 31 Aug -9 Sept I like our chances to win div.