Yankee fans cannot blame Alex Rodriguez Yankee fans cannot blame Alex Rodriguez Yankee fans cannot blame Alex Rodriguez

Yankee fans cannot blame Alex Rodriguez

There is no ‘i’ in TEAM.

The New York Yankees were looking to sweep the LA Angels yesterday, but after a hard fought game the Halos beat the Bombers 10-8.

Of course the game went down to the last out, as the Yankees had the bases loaded and Alex Rodriguez couldn’t get the job as he popped up for the final out.

Overall a successful weekend in the Bronx as the Yankees won the series 2-1 but you would never have know by the way New York fans were acting.

The A-rod hating was at an all time high at the stadium, as fans seem to be suffering from short-term memory loss again.

As in the bottom of the first inning, with the Bombers already down 0-2 it was A-rod who hit a two-run homer to tie it up.

Take A-rod’s two runs off the score and the game would have been well out of reach for the Yankees in the same situation.

Fans conveniently seem to forget the base running blunder by Cano in the third, which caused A-rod to get tagged out at home; and Martin’s pop-up bunt in the fifth that caught by Halos pitcher Jared Weaver.

Look mistakes happen when you are making decisions on the fly but that doesn’t explain why skipper Joe Girardi pinch hit Andruw Jones for Eric Chavez in ninth inning.

Yes, Jones has great career numbers vs. Halos pitcher Scott Downs but so does Chavez.

Andruw Jones141250100230.4170.5000.5831.083
Eric Chavez6621012020.3330.3331.0001.333

Chavez had three runs, two hits, one homer and an RBI in his three previous at-bats so why would you take his bat out of the line-up?

It is not as if Chavez hadn’t hit Downs before or Jones’ experience was so extensive so chalk this loss up to Girardi’s binder, not A-rod.

Just like the Ice-T rap says:

“Don’t hate the player, hate the game!”

Next up the Yankees host the Toronto Blue Jays for a four-game set starting tonight.




  1. Thenrich says:

    A-Rod will be dropped in the order. He is probably the 5th or 6th best hitter on this team.


    • LLP says:

      Thenrich – I do not think he should be dropped. I bet my money he will dump Wilson and start raking again.

  2. richard griffith says:

    As soon as I saw the headline I knew it was You.

    A-rod had a great game. but please Cano did NOT force A-rod to break for home.

    And as an analyst, you are questioning why Chavy was PH for??? Downs is a filthy lefty with a sub 1 ERA prior to the other night, and Chavy has only 6 AB's. Come on Kate.

    Why do you always say fans Hate A-rod? You can Boo and still not Hate.

  3. bornintime says:

    I always have hopes that Alex will return to a semblance of his old form. I think about why fans seem to hate him so much. Probably because he makes the equivalent of 3 large salaries and his numbers are worth about a third of what he brings in. What is he on pace for this year? 80 RBI's?? It has been over half a season and he hasn't gotten hot yet. Is this the new standard that we can only expect to drop over the next few years? I know he is trying but things are looking bleak.

  4. richard griffith says:

    Thank God for Ibanez and Chavy

    • LLP says:

      Richard – I agree completely but Chavez is an injury waiting to happen if they keep playing him at third base so much. Where is Nunez??

  5. LLP says:

    bornintime – I hear you but fans have to stop looking at the paycheck unless they are writing the checks themselves. I think something else is bothering A-rod as he is great shape, almost to a fault.