Ok Yankee fans at least Alex Rodriguez didn't do this - Lady Loves Pinstripes Ok Yankee fans at least Alex Rodriguez didn't do this - Lady Loves Pinstripes Ok Yankee fans at least Alex Rodriguez didn't do this - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Ok Yankee fans at least Alex Rodriguez didn’t do this

As one of a few left in Yankees Universe who actually admits to being a fan of Alex Rodriguez, at least openly, I must share something with you.

A-rod might not always make the best decisions, as most recently seen during ALCS Game 1 in the Bronx.

Just in case you missed this story here is a quick summary, or you can read the original breaking story courtesy of the NY Post; shocker.

After getting pinch hit for by skipper Joe Girardi in the eighth inning of ALCS, A-rod unequivocal thought the best way to use that time was to flirt with a female fan by passing notes on a baseball via the Yankees batboy instead of watching/cheering on his teammates.


Oh yes but he did cheer on his sub Raul Ibanez who tied the game up in the ninth inning.


Well not so much as it is A-rod; he is a guy; and good luck finding one with good timing. And the flirting did cease in the 12th inning, aka the moment Derek Jeter couldn’t walk off the field by himself. Smart move.

I believe that A-rod’s post-benching behavior stemmed from the insecurity and embarrassment he felt for being singled out as the fall guy. Not that Girardi was wrong as he had legit reasons to pull ¾’s of that line-up, but considering some others were even less productive than A-rod must have made it really sting.

To give A-rod some credit, he took it like a man and faced the music.

He admitted to the media afterwards that he supported his skipper, was elated for Ibanez and acted like a mature adult in a situation that I won’t wish on my worst enemy.

Well other teams, like the Detroit Tigers cannot say the same for their, $22 million, All-Star third baseman Miguel Cabrera.

When the Tigers were down 0-3 in the World Series to the San Francisco Giants, Cabrera was in a similar situation to A-rod.

Ok maybe it was not as dire as Cabrera had one RBI and one walk up to that point but the Tigers depend on Cabrera’s big bat, where as the Yankees relay on others more than A-rod.

According to Kevin Kaduk over at the Big League Stew, Cabrera decided not to face the music and left before speaking with the media.

Cabrera later blamed his rude behavior on having family and friends in town, but somehow he managed to have time to eat a meal in the cafeteria postgame.

Cabrera pissed off his teammates, and his manager Jim Leyland did not disguise his anger over the situation either.

Supposedly Cabrera pulled the same stunt during the ALDS in Oakland following a loss. His teammate Octavio Dotel called him out on it, but Cabrera obviously didn’t even blink because he did it again.

Now whatever you want to say about A-rod, you cannot say he doesn’t care.

A-rod wants to be part of the team more than anyone; and he tries almost to a fault about his teammates to ever leave them hanging like Cabrera did; and not once but twice.

A-rod doesn’t walk on water; he wants to perform well; and he takes responsibility a lot more than he should for the Yankees failures as a team.

Now whether you hate A-rod, boo A-rod or whatnot, his stand-up behavior cannot get overlooked as it means something.

And in my opinion, the kind of guy I would want on my team.

Ok…. I am ready for the fiery to unleash from readers in the comments, but I am a big girl so bring it on.

A-rod for president! Now that was a joke.


  1. Mickeylolichreturns says:

    You're a big girl and can take it?? LOL Well, I'm a Tigers fan and going to show a bit of maturity you don't seem to have by not dishing it back to your comparison. And I'm quite sure Miguel can take it, too. Have a good off season and see ya in the next one.

  2. Mickeylolichreturns says:

    BTW: Hope you're faring well out there on the east coast after the horrible hurricane. Take care.

  3. richard says:


    Why are you comparing A-rod to anyone? Does it make you feel better that A-rod is such a stand up guy? Are you satisfied that he had 3 HR/11RBI's in Sept and did nothing in the post -season again?

    Yankee fans will chant his name MVP, MVP again when he starts to perform like the super-star he thinks he is. Stick to performance, the rest is just noise.

    Hope you and your family are safe.

  4. richard says:

    Your in the right place. Gibberish sprinkled with inane piffle.