Yankee Fans Ain't Going Out Like That: Yes, The Yanks Can Scare Their Fans - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankee Fans Ain't Going Out Like That: Yes, The Yanks Can Scare Their Fans - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankee Fans Ain't Going Out Like That: Yes, The Yanks Can Scare Their Fans - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Yankee Fans Ain't Going Out Like That: Yes, The Yanks Can Scare Their Fans

The Yanks are being described as unstoppable right now.

Unstoppable is defined in the dictionary as incapable of being stopped or surpassed; unbeatable.

That is the most unsettling term for a fan when the season has not finished or won the championship.

I learned this from the fortunate perspective of being a huge New York Giants fan in 2007. The team in the playoffs with only one pro-bowl worthy player beat Tampa, Dallas, Green Bay and then the unstoppable New England Patriots.

The ordinary G-Men suddenly were the unstoppable team in the end. Glad I was not a Pats fan that February 3rd afternoon or a bookie in Vegas who must have gotten killed with each game the Giants won.I must admit the disgust of a 12 point spread for the Superbowl Game because that was heartless in itself.

The Yanks have won the most games in baseball thus far with 74 in total. The Red Sox look finished for the division race and Tampa is not the same team as last year.

That should mean nothing to any Yankee player, fan whatever because Tampa and Boston slide into the Wild Card I will be scared.

Post-season baseball or any other sport it is like starting over again. No team has to catch another or is ahead/behind in games. It is like being reborn again after getting wasn’t hard enough.

The Yanks need to keep their heads in their helmets (pun with all the heads being hit lately) because the minute the team starts to believe what others are saying it will be detrimental.

Imagine the NY Post Headline possibilities, “Our Yanks Got Spanked” or “Mets Can Breath Again As Yankees Fall Even Worse”.

Even worse would be the pictures of stunned fans crying and unable to leave the seat in utter disbelief of what they just supposedly witnessed.

Then the anger of who kept saying unstoppable over and over again. The collapsing of the unstoppable Yanks, no one said that could happen.

Here is my advice of what needs to be done:


Ignore, blank-out, put your fingers in both ears while making that annoying ummmm noise or wear ear plugs but PLEASE do not listen to the media, Mets, Boston or Phillies fans paying the Yanks any compliments or insinuating that we have it the bag, because it is a trick. It would be the best thing other than breathing for the above to watch the Yanks fall.

For Cashman, Girardi and the boys upstair please dispose of the Joba Rules. If Cashman happen to get the same court order used as the PED Survey making the rules mandatory then just ignore #2. Then this special player can get on to what he does best, pitch and be treated like a princess when he does something to prove himself.

So if #2 is needed or not I can say that when the rules have been abolished the four man rotation in the post season is looking like the only option. Unless Cashman can get Hank to loosen the pockets some more in the next two weeks and get some ace off waivers. I do not like this idea at all but if the option otherwise would be moving Hughes to start and the princess to the bullpen, feel free to bankroll a pitcher. And Mitre is not even worth the effort of me typing that it is NOT going to workout with this guy.

Matsui will be missed. No thriller for Godzilla needs to be taken seriously because other than Jeter, Matsui is a star in pressure situations. I love the walk-off wins this season has produced but in the overall scheme Jeter and Godzilla have the consistent numbers to prove it. Hopefully this is not for the long term.

The Yankees just got shut-out by Oakland and second loss in a row. A slump is not a word a want to hear anytime soon.

Hope for the best but expect the worst is the best way a fan can think right now. A team can’t be unstoppable because it is impossible so lets try and not get ahead of ourselves.

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