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Wow What A Hockey Game!

Let me start by admitting that I am not a hockey fan.

I have been to three total Rangers games, and two of them left at the end of the second period.

My dad never had hockey on TV, and the only mention of the word was because my Uncle had been the hockey team captain at Syracuse.

Tonight watching my home-team USA lose to Canada, I had many moments where I was inspired and felt connected to the sport.

No one could ask for a greater three+ periods of hockey, the definite highlight of these Olympic Games!

Watching the sudden death OT goal was crushing, and I could not imagine how the players must have felt.

Goalie Ryan Miller skills are bar-none extraordinary. Miller well deserved winning MVP, as the team was there because of his amazing tending of the goal. Miller’s gracious leadership in defeat showed his MVP character to match .

Standing on the ice as the host team’s country cheered was so painful to watch on TV. For a moment silver never felt so blue.

Team USA did not made a city, or a state, but an entire country so prominent in defeat.

To tie a game with less than 30 seconds is a real team of champions, which Team USA will understand once they come home.

To view sportsmanship of a group of authentic gentlemen is rarified air in the sports world.

As the great Muhammed Ali once said,

I never thought about losing, but now that it’s happened, the only thing is to do it right. – Muhammed Ali

Team USA did it right.

The gold would not have gained the sport of hockey as many new fans; because winning the silver metal took such courage and was all heart.