Winning series....key to AL East - Lady Loves Pinstripes Winning series....key to AL East - Lady Loves Pinstripes Winning series....key to AL East - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Winning series….key to AL East

I always believe that baseball season is the hardest to predict. Obvious reasons being…..its a long season, injuries are frequent and all these players are top athletes so can break out at anytime. Everyone has different theories to why a team wins their division, world series etc. Well a mix of players and managers that just works, as Joe Torre was the most losing manager in MLB before he came to the Yankees. And we know how that story ended…..

I truly think that baseball is streaky on wins/loses and a lot of fans do not even care about records till the All-Star break but unfortunately if your team is in the AL East every game counts cause the competition is fierce. Even the Orioles are good and Toronto has been due for this recognition but I do believe in this division it is who wins series throughout the season, which entails consistency throughout. I also think the experience of the Yanks and Red Sox is huge factor but the Rays are not afraid with a lot of young athletes who have now been to the end. The Rays are cocky and as we all know a player who makes it all about himself (aka BJ Upton) can disrupt a clubhouse.
All of the AL East teams have pitching, hitters and runners (props to Carl Crawford) so other than taking 2 of 3 games, the next cause will be set-up men, the dreaded middle relievers. I have watched so many games be so close only for the middle men to come and blow it!! As a fan it is the most nervous part of any game because I can’t seem to find the Mo or K-Rod of middle relief….I have nightmares of Farnsworth, who if only could locate the damn ball would be unhittable!!!
I truly believe that if Hughes can find the guy who pitched in Detroit, which I feel is close, Joba should move to the set-up for Mo. I know he has 4 pitches but he is young and can always go back to his starting role next year but the Yanks are about the ‘now’ so for now…..Joba to Mo is lethal!! Mo had a tough outing after he was lights out but the man is a machine and he will be excellent once again. With Bruney and Marte questionable and Coke might give me a heart attack that Joba could come in lights out!!
Look I believe in our team this year…..Damon and Jeter are still awesome, Swisher is so motivated it is inspiring, Cano is finally Cano, Text will kick ass and CC wow is how to describe his last start. With AJ, Petite, Hughes and hopefully Wang is getting his mental game back we can afford to test this theory. Unless we are killing it by the A-S break, which is such a pleasant thought but about as unlikely as Manny taking the women’s hormones not to balance his steroid use!!!!
So…nice job Yanks and high-five to Damon (you still got it!!) for taking 2 of 3 in Baltimore. Your moms’ were all smiles!!! Toronto series Tuesday has to be won as Boston and Tampa embarrassed us and we are sooooo better than that!!
Lots of baseball left and so many good teams all around baseball but we cannot worry about the others cause this division is going to be an accomplishment whoever prevails… the time is now!! I think the most consistent team will be the toughest to compete with; guess we will see if I am just a girl who blows hot air……