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Why Nobody Told Me Steroids Makes You More Popular Too?


My basic question is to the MLB, is busting players past or present so publicly actually making an impact on the public in a good way?

It sure doesn’t seem to be doing the job or having the influence I presume all involved so heavily is looking for. I actually heard on Mike Francesca that someone ask Selig to make a area in the Hall of Fame for “Players Who Used Steroids.” And I see it as press is press.

Let’s look a couple of the players at hand and what their situations have accomplished.

Manny being Manny was displayed more than ever yesterday when he played in his first Dodger minor league game for Triple-A Albuquerque Isotopes. The usually half or less fan filled park is sold out and to capitalize on this down in Albuquerque additional seat or better describe as benches in the outfield. The team’s spokesman SteveHugibert informed us that more than 40,000 tickets for their four-game series have sold. Fans skipped work, waited for hours in line to get this coveted ticket to see a guy who is coming off being suspended for cheating. Manny didn’t cheat in 2003 or 2004 he is in trouble for this current season. I had no idea that his popularity would gain like this.

Doesn’t seem that the more recently you did steroids the more popular you get?

I have never liked Manny as a Red Sox, as a Dodger nor overall as a person. Manny is cocky and arrogant but why shouldn’t he be everyone lets him behave this way. The Red Sox letting him go was the worst thing but he hated it their anyway. And his god-like status in Los Angeles with a more millions in his pocket. It just seems the whole belief system has made me question…..what happen to the idea of “good karma/bad karma”?

As a fan I think the past should be in the past or dealt with in a more discreet matter. THe fact is it was hush, hish all around the majors. Nothing wrong with letting players know the rules have changed and if caught your out because it is officailly against the rules. It was never really a fact till recently so let these guys like Mcguire, Arod, Sosa, Bonds and the other huge names in baseball live with their own demons. I feel like an awful lot of time and money have been spent digging up situations that happened way back when instead of focusing on the current players.

Manny was the first one busted. All we have been told is that we know he took female hormones, at the request of his doctor with no explanation or medical reason. Everyone knows this is typically used to balance the high level of testosterone that “juicing” brings on.

The reason I got to thinking about this more to the point of writing about is was Manny’s comments to the press made about his return.

“People love me everywhere I go,” Manny boasted before the game. “I’m excited to bring a lot of joy to a lot of people here. I feel good. I’m happy that I’m here.”

In addition to the fans still voting for him to be in the all-star game. Currently he has dropped to sixth place in NL ballot for outfielders but he has over 1.6 million votes. He has barely even played this year for Christ sake.

I hate having to point out that neither has Arod played much or well for that matter. Understandably with that surgery Alex gets a break but still one of the top overall players with the most votes.

All I am trying to comprehend is the American public doesn’t care about the steroids so what kind of example is this. I would think….”Wow this stuff can make me bigger, better and change my status to professional. So I will be rich and fans will still adore me; kinda hard to not try it just once.”

Frankly, if I were Manny I would be at least be feeling the same way he is right where he was 50 games back, on top.

Manny happens to have no class, some would call it honesty in the manner he speaks with no filter or care in the world. Kinda don’t blame him. This has been the biggest problem in baseball and the media ridicule of it being the infamous “steroid era” has drawn more attention then NHL finals.

In my opinion, the past should stay in the past. Regarding the “now” I think if you juice, you out…..forever. It is something that might make it taken more seriously by not just the players but by the youngsters that idolize these athletes.

The rule needs to be this cut throat and kinda wondering why the punishment does not fit the crime?

Just to add something funny, even at Arod’s expense (sorry Alex NOT following the masses; last time). Play the game below…..

A-Rod Baseball on Steroids Game: Juice ‘Em Up – Free Web Game