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Who’s The Boss Now Bitch

I am pretty sure that anything that has and can be done by just about anyone, unavoidably will catch the attention of a

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washed up celebrity (maybe child stars specifically). Who in turn will exploit a subject in order to feel like a star again (false confidence) and pay off all the debt they are in from blowing their millions with nothing to show for it as it felt like monopoly money!!! As an American I fall for this kind of bullshit propaganda too.

For example TheHousewives of NY, NJ, Atlanta and Laguna Beach. I swore off the whole idea of this show from day one…..even after it came to my hometown having their own Housewives to boot I still avoided and without any restraints needed. Then it happen, the worst thing for ‘so bad its good’ hook to puncture an innocent victim….the hangover marathon Saturday straight till Sunday turns to Monday. I was innocently flipping through the TV channels while masking in my own ‘I am never drinking again’ Saturday moaning fest when I came across Bravo’sMillionaire Matchmaker which I love so I stopped. It was just one innocent episode before the Housewives of New York marathon started. I was hooked by middle of the second episode and by the fourth or fifth hour I was on text, blackberry messenger and making calls to discuss with my girl friends who most have been loving this show since the Laguna Beach show.
Now don’t stop reading….please, I do have a point to this. It being that these women are painful in every sense of the word. And I mean annoying to their families, friends, kids, strangers, “their help’, dogs and somehow even piss themselves off and they are now all famous! Household names but only for about 12-15 minutes but hey it pays and it pays so much I feel like vomiting it is so much money.
Almost there so just bear with me, please. There is a book out with a forward by my old friend and skipper Joe Torre about baseball called, Safe At Home, Confessions of a Baseball Fanatic. Oh this author was also on the critically acclaimed show Charmed to add to a resume where Sam on Who’s The Boss was the biggest of stardom this chick will ever see. Mind you every guy had a teen fantasy about Sam and that was understandable but just because AlyssaMilano dated have the players in the majors gives her the ranks to write the featured blog on mlb.com, ruin clothes for all women fans across the board and now has a book, a hard cover book with a forward from a living legend.
Torre was my hero; I was at his last game as the Yankees skipper and tears ran down my face as the whole stadium chanted ‘Joe, Joe” for the last three innings. I guess I was so beyond shocked that the minute he left the Yanks Tamps, Fl. offices he sold his soul; by writing a book which included current players antics and insulted the team that gave him his superior creditability in the first place. I guess that’s LA for you but to write a forward for Sam…..has he read her blog or seen herrhinestone bordered team t-shirts that are all over every storeacross this great country of ours.
I bought her book to look at it in depth and out of pure jealously thought of returning it afterwards so she would not make any money off me. Embarrassingly was thinking in my head ‘Ha ha, Sam you ain’t the boss of me beeatch.’ but where is that going to get me?
As I skimmed this memoir I can relate on some levels to her ‘feelings’ but it was nothing spectacular and just came across as the plain vanilla, nothing I didn’t know already stuff. Hey money is the ultimate goal and so the publishers’ keeps it simple so it makes so-so fans who don’t pay attention to their team till the playoffs or can switch loyalties in a down season, feel like they can relate to a fanatic like myself. That does piss me off!! Honestly, I sometimes even wish that my emotional state was not determined from my teams (aka Yankees, Giants, the old Knicks and hopefully the Lebron ones in 2011) current state. I am still a girl and we over-think so I worry that I am not the normal fan, aka. I am female. The lows feel like I just got dumped or that some guy used me…..which sucks but it makes me feel like I have earned the right to ride off their high when my teams win.
I don’t technically play for the Yankees (I know, please breath), I don’t hang with Cano and Jeter in the locker room nor do I have a # or a uniform but as weird as it sounds I feel like part of the team. How ironic as I pay to go to their games, I pay to wear someone Else’s #, in a uniform of a team I do not receive a paycheck from but I still can confidently say that I am on the NY Yankees. Crazy, well can’t deny that I have never heard that one before but if passion and spirit = crazy then I will stay signed the hell up.
And if this even makes any sort of sense I can simply explain it that Milano has used baseball to gain for her own benefit. Rather then the actual love of the game. It makes me mad that her words get published for the world to read, instead of many unknown blogger’s or passionate, real fans (aka ME!) not to get heard. Just refer to my ‘blogs to like’ in my right column and you will be astounded by the intriguing words written.
Lastly, I can say that what Joe Torre did by writing a book, that could have been published in 10 or even 15 years later then within months after his departure, was make more money by releasing it without any concern for anyone else but his agent, publisher and himself. Maybe if I were in either of these two authors positions of being offered money amounts that anyone would find hard to refuse, I could grasp it. But fact is I am not!!
All he did was make me shamed to have looked up to Joe as an example to follow and relish in the honor he brought to me as a fan. The Joe I knew would never, ever even let his diary be read by anyone but himself. Then appropriately it would be a book talking about history of his time in New York and the reader could be reminded, not told. As for Milano, you have no excuse and please stop making the women’s clothing line embarrassing so fans like me lose all creditability!! Oh an just don’t write anything other then the old days on what it was like to work with Tony Danza and having an on screen dad as a cleaning lady!!!
Some of her tastefully done clothing line…..I would rather wear a Red Sox jersey!!