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Who Sent The Memo "The Nationals Turn To Nasty???"

The Nationals took the series from my Yankees tonight by winning their second out of three games. Am I that surprised? No.

Why? I look at the weeks before this series and in years past this is the time right before the all-star break where the length of the season starts to take its toll. Everyone is tired, players, managers are a little burnt out but it’s just part of baseball.

I know this sounds like an excuse but I am neither the fan, nor the type of person who comes up with excuses for my favorite team to make myself feel better. There is no reason for it because the performance will speak for itself in the big picture. The word discouraged comes to mind when losing two of three to the worst team, by far in the entire majors. I can promise you that my discouragement will turn to anger if the Yankees miss the playoffs by a game. Not only did the Yanks lose an easy series but also Jeter had to be taken out in the first game. It was clear to all watching by his ankle being in pain as Derek limped to first base. Any fan knows that our Captain does not like sitting out games and always wants to play. When Girardi called on Jeter to pinch-hit tonight I was uneasy which I will sustain over the next few games as losing Jeter cannot occur. Our Captain is so vital words cannot express; that’s why he has that title and honor.

In second game of this series against Washington, Chien-Ming Wang was starting and Jeter not on the roaster. All who love the Yanks knew the prerequisite for the game was that Wang had to prove himself again and that was mandatory. Yes, I agree that he was improved compared to his earlier starts. And I hate to be blunt and completely not-optimistic but Wang stunk in all his prior starts this season. I am actually being kind when I come to think of it.

Regardless of a pitchers contributions in past seasons this is about the current season and the current season only. I am in full agreement that a player who is not near the age of retirement, along with a track record that Wang obviously possesses does deserve the benefit of the doubt for whatever the reason that it is not the norm. Then Yankees have been more than generous in terms of showing their confidence in allowing Wang to be in the rotation. I cannot think of a better boost of confidence than a team that continues to lose games when you start and still not getting discouraged in your abilities as a player. Enough is enough here. I don’t think the miracle is going to happen to Chien-Ming Wang.

In looking at other pitchers with similar styles to Wang when the sinker starts to go flat and up in the zone it is not good at all. Wang relies on this pitch 80-90% of the time as it produces double plays and in turn keeps his pitch counts low so he can go deep into games.

If the Yankees are serious with it’s business means winning attitude the risk, Chien-Ming Wang cannot continue to be in the rotation. He pitched great in the minors and in relief but then why he is not put back as a reliever is mind-boggling to me.

Hughes and Wang need to swap positions. Hughes is still learning but he is getting better and will keep improving. Hughes will be more productive and will not wear out the bullpen by having to be pulled in the first, second or third inning along with runs up on the board to deal with as well.

Mussina had to prove himself last season but he did it way earlier and got better with time. This is not camp or spring training so Wang needs the chance to be an asset in middle relief, figure out what the injury could be holding him back or the Yankees have money so suck up the $5 million bucks.

I wish it were different for Chien-Ming Wang but it is not. Nothing is ever set in stone so be as optimistic with him as changes are made but it is becoming irresponsible to the rest of the Yankees otherwise.

Now for this evening’s game and another loss. The weather in NYC has depressed for the last month to say the lease. It’s been raining for a month that is not normal and I do not want to be known as the London of the US in terms of weather.

As the rain, which is still going, the game started over five and a half hours late. Joba was starting on the mound and allowed three hits over six innings. He took the loss, Joba’s first in his last eight outings. As for my opinion on Chamberlain just go read my blogs archives. I will definitely hit that topic again….Soon!

The eighth inning hit Brett Gardner took to make an amazing catch was scary to watch and painful as hell. I cringed watching the replays as he whacked his back and then head into the plexiglass. Still thinking like a ball player, Gardner chucked the ball to Damon so not in stuck in his glove to hold the runner on first. I could not have been more dumbfounded by this mentality, as that was the last thing I sure thought about. I cannot remember the last time I saw all the players on the field run out to a teammate like they did. I am positive it has happened many a time but not in the front of my mind so I took comfort in their immediate concern.

Thankfully, Gardner is fine as reported after the game. He said to have a headache still but would be fine to play tomorrow. Like the attitude on these young guys, play hard but always play. Wonder who is responsible for that kind of leadership and example? Thanks again Captain.

Ok, I am going to put this little disaster in the box but only push it half way under the bed. Sounds crazy, maybe but I hope to be kicking it under after are next series in Florida and not grabbing it to open for this stint needs to stop now. Sorry to be harsh but it’s the big leagues boys. Not one team can waste series where the brooms should sweeping into holy s*i# just let that one slip by losses; that is if a team wants to win and haven’t found one of those yet!!


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