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Who Knew That Losing Could Make History

Third to second to first….one…two…three outs ended the sixth inning today in Oakland, as Arod, Cano and Tex made a historical triple out. The last triple play happened in 1968 for the Bombers, and to be apart of such a play is something special.

CC Sabathia had a rough outing today in front of his home-town crowd.

Kurt Suzuki hit a bomb in the first inning, allowing three runs to score. Than in the fourth Adam Rosales’ sac fly scored Jake Fox giving the A’s a 4-0 lead.

The Yankees bats started to revive with a homer from Marcus Thames in the fifth, followed by Mark Teixeira going yard in the sixth. Oakland pitcher Dallas Braden kept the Yankees at bay and helping his side avoid a sweep.

Sabathia walked six batters, most in his career, as Suzuki’s homer came after CC had walked the two previous batters.

It was not a terrible outing, just shaky for the Yankee ace. CC pitched into the middle of the eighth inning, but the Oakland A’s destruction had already been done.

As Sabathia and the Yankees lost 4-2, but won their fifth consecutive series taking two of three games from the A’s.

Losing is partly responsible for ans love of sports. For any defending champs keeping them in check is realistic. We forget how tough this league can be on a team that slips, and is an essential not to forget it.

On a regular basis, when opposing teams face the Yankees, they play with everything and anything in order to win. Now that the Yanks are back on top again it makes it even more satisfying to beat them.

The reasons?

Oh countless, here are three:

  1. When the Yankees come to town, the host’s usually empty stadium is suddenly filled with Yankee fans or even home-town fans that only come out with the arrival of the Yankees. It is the best time to put on a show, encouraging fans to come back again.
  2. The Yankees have all-stars up and down their roaster. The sizable paychecks don’t help wither, considering Arod’s alone might cover an complete teams payroll for the season.
  3. Players on the Yankees have a little more confidence, or at least it seems to everyone else. Think about a franchise that has so much history, respect and championships behind it. It gives any player coming into the Bronx the opportunity to become a legend and win a World Series.

Winning series displays stability and the Yankees are doing that job perfectly. My greatest trouble is the hot star. This is an unconventional path for a team with a second-half reputation of playing catch-up.

Why worry?

Well, how could you not? It is inevitable that the Yankees will have a slump at some point during the season. How the team handles it mentally is my worry.

This is not a ball-club who ever starts out strong, which makes it awkward. It breaks a form of harassment that the Yankees seem to use to achieve success. It might not be the most effective way to win, but a pattern is constant regardless of the obvious.

Fact is the Yankees are defending the champions and there is nothing wrong with sending a message from the start. They have reason to defend something because of how long it took to get it back again the last time.

Nothing wrong with not letting go easily…..

Next up for the Bombers is Los Angeles to play the Angels in a three game set.

As usual, this promises to be more of a battle than two weeks ago in New York. The Angels have been playing like themselves again.

It is a giant series for both teams because it only makes the American League even harder.

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