“When Those Who Must Play, Can’t Play.” - Lady Loves Pinstripes “When Those Who Must Play, Can’t Play.” - Lady Loves Pinstripes “When Those Who Must Play, Can’t Play.” - Lady Loves Pinstripes

“When Those Who Must Play, Can’t Play.”

The spotlight on Sunday was shining in three different directions. A new stadium, a team’s reputation on the line and a young pitcher who needed to shine.

In essence all the same theme…..WIN, WIN, WIN!!!

The perfect example of this is in a pre-game interview with Dallas Cowboy owner Jerry Jones from this past Sunday. Play the video:

If not for the 105,000+ in attendance, the health of their owner or playing the New York Giants weren’t enough to qualify for greatest amount of pressure for a team, I don not know what is?

Toby Romo and the Dallas Cowboys were playing their first home game in their new, Jerry Jones coliseum against the New York Giants. Winning for the Cowboys in their new home seemed to inevitable when listening to owner Jerry Jones before the game.

Only to lose to the Giants by two points in the final seconds on Sunday, a divisional opponent and rival team was not what Jones, nor the Dallas fans had expected as their first memory in a new home.

Heads must have rolled and Tony Romo might have been hanged after throwing three interceptions. God nows what Jones said after the game to the team but considering he had not slept in days just imaging this game and the victory.

Maybe Jerry Jones should lay-off a little considering Wayne Phillips post-game interview started with how much he want this for Jerry.

Tom Brady and his Pats headed to the Meadowlands on Sunday to the Jets.

The Jets trash talking was nothing short of presumptuous but also genius. What if the Jets had lost the game, would any Jet fan have been shocked by the feeling of disappointment? No way!!

In a sense the team could not have hurt their reputation because they’re the Jets and the team they were trashing was the Pats. The worst scenario would have been a Jets loss but a pat on the back for a good try.

Earlier in the day up at Seattle’s Safeco Field, all eyes were on the mound to see how Joba Chamberlain would fair as the Yankees prepare for October baseball.

Joba knew what he had to do but cannot seem to do it since back in early August. The start yesterday was extremely unsettling to everyone, accept to Joba.

What positive things did this young man see in just three innings, allowing seven runs to score?

Is Joba delusional? At the very least the Yanks PR needs to prep this kid to keep those comments under the radar when speaking to the media after the game.

Click on the link below to watch this latest loss post game interview:
Joba’s Post Game Interview

After another bomb of a start on Sunday against the Mariners was not the plan the Yankees had in mind. Joba should be in tears when talking to the press. No one doubts that Joba probably cried himself to sleep last night but the pressure is on now.

One could counter argue that the Yankee bats were dead. Is it fair for a pitcher in Joba’s spot to continuously expect to be picked up all the time?

The Yankees and the “Joba Rules” seem to have no direction. Changing his status might be the factor that makes Joba so nervous because it is the focus of the fans and the media.

What to do about Joba?

Guess time will tell if Joba can show some hope and be of help to the Yankees down the stretch.

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