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What It’s Like To Be A Baseball Fan During The “Steroid Era”

Dear Mr. Selig,

I will get right to the point as this needs to be addressed immediately. What is going to be done about the “Steroid Era“?

The whole thing is turning into a soap opera and it sure didn’t have too. Here are some points that are very on:

  1. The survey conducted by Major League Baseball in 2003 was to see how widespread the use of performing enhancing drugs was in the game. All the players who agreed to the partake in the surveys testing were under the assumption that the results were going to completely anonymous. In addition the tests were supposed to be used to aid in making the use of these substances illegal. No fan disagrees that rules about the use of performance enhancing drugs needed to be implemented in baseball and that it should be completely against the sport. Fans want to know why the need to lie too players? Only to have their names released or leaked to the media years late just seems completely unfair. Fans idolize these athletes and dreams are being broken all over the world; so realize whats at stake please.
  2. Another suggestion is should MLB let the list be published to end this curiosity? Fans get stabbed every couple of weeks as more players names are made public as being seen on this list. The other way is to just let it rip. Releasing all the 104 players names would at least just make it one blow on our breaking hearts. If made public completely than the fans could work to find their way back to trusting the game again.
  3. What about the Hall of Fame for these tarnished players who broke records? Fans have heard the great Hank Aaron and other hall of fame players opinions on whether players who are involved in this steroid era should be in the hall. What if the player was accused but no evidence are they labeled? Should there be an asterisk next to players who played during this era stating the record that brought them into the hall was done during the ‘steroid era’?
  4. The players who did not use performance enhancing drugs are now guilty by association. These guys who played fair must be angry and feel shorted by the institution they respect and count on so much. Maybe let the entire 1400 names on the list results be public so fans can take pride if their hero is not an athlete who par-took and continue to embrace them, even more-so.

This is the last time I as a fan I will discuss this issue if possible. I am so sick due to the way this whole thing was handled. This is the fans game too and whoever was in charge of this didn’t care how this played out. You made a hollywood movie out of a sport. The message of promoting and showing young athletes on the reasons not to use performance substances as it gets you nothing has not gotten across at all.

Trust which is gained so easily makes it so hard to comprehend how carelessly it got thrown away. Abusing your performance unnaturally should be against the rules in any sport, period.

My father stated this to me, “Baseball should make a simple statement on steroids or any substance abuse. ‘Baseball is finally taking a role in making a rule if an active player fails a drugs test. From this day forward, if an athlete who is a professional playing in Major League Baseball fails any administered test given to them, that person is out the sport forever. The past is the past so let it stay but the future is our’s to be responsible for. The MLB has been in the back seat on this issue for to long and now hear is what we are going to do about it.’ And then the respect is not lost for all involved because now fans, managers, haters, bat-boys, ball-boysCy Young winners, Gold Glovers’, MVPs‘, Front Offices, Third Base coaches, Umpires etc are clear of where the future of baseball on this issue stands.”

For the fans it hurts to see the game of baseball getting disgraced for something it does not deserve.

Please end it by publicly listing the 1400 players’ results or never let the list be an issue again. Sadly fans don’t know which would make them fall in love more quickly again.

The past it the past. For the fans, we all just want to move forward and let the game be the spotlight once again.

Respectfully Yours,

The Baseball Fan

This is the letter to Bud Selig about what it is like to be a fan during ‘the Steroid Era.’ There is so much confusion on what is going on and many unanswered or reasons for the complete lack of respect towards the game itself.

Maybe Mr. Selig could offer recourse for the ardent followers of baseball.