WHAT A DECADE: Part Three - Inspiration Move Me Brightly WHAT A DECADE: Part Three - Inspiration Move Me Brightly WHAT A DECADE: Part Three - Inspiration Move Me Brightly

WHAT A DECADE: Part Three – Inspiration Move Me Brightly

Who can watch Rocky Four and not get goose bumps when Rocky beats Ivan Drago?

In Miracle when the USA Team of amateurs fights with heart, against every kind of odd; which makes you want to be that passionate, right?

The answers….NO-ONE and YES.

As a sports fan, moments that truly make a person feel a presence of greatness happen but not often. That’s because greatness is uncommon and that’s why it is so appreciated in sports.

This last season in the decade left Yankee fans with memories of major athletic achievements. With surreal moments that show not only the athlete but the character of a true living legends. As much as the athlete’s who hearts means much as the sport and the truest essence of ‘team’.

In no specific order, below are the Yankee moments of 2009 as the team’s best season of the decade:

1) Yankees fan or not, Derek Jeter is a superb athlete but also a good man. The captain who is as cool as can be, works hard and never gives-up. Jeter is one-of-a-kind.

Jeter practices what he preaches because he respects the gift bestrode on him. Jeter is one of the only athletes in sports who I can 100% guarantee he will not let his team, his fans, his Boss, nor his city down.

Captain Derek Jeter joins names like Ruth, Gehrig, Mantle, Maris by passing the 72 year-long record for most hit as a Yankee. The legendary Lou Gehrig 2,722 hit-record could not have found a more honorable player to take his place.

2) On TV, radio or right in front of your eyes,  Metallica’s Enter Sandman is the most comforting of tunes to a Yankee fans ears.

It’s an event that can happen a few times a week, playing above song each time, running out is the same man, who throws the same pitch. That would sound pretty boring and repetitive but it is literally like new each time.

That’s because no player can figure out the cutter, no fan respects a player more and Mariano Rivera is the greatest closing pitcher to ever play the game of baseball.

Against their cross-town rival Mets, Rivera earned his 500th save. Rivera is only the second player in MLB history to carry out this feat and couldn’t be more humble about it.

3) To win a World Series the entire organization from top to bottom has to click on every level. Baseball, more than any other sport is this a cause because the length of the season is so grueling, games have no timer so the end is unpredictable and a player whose attitude is off can be like a virus for a ball-club.

Alex Rodriguez had become the equivalent of swine flu in New York. His talents were obvious but not as much as his frustration and consistent feeling of disappointment. Just watching Alex since he’s worn pinstripes it was written all over his face. Arod worked harder and played harder than anyone but that was not the problem. Arod never relaxed, because who can be at ease when all you feel is left out?

The fact is if the Bombers wanted to win a World Series a miracle for Rodriguez’s mental issues was the missing link.  Divorce and the constant target for the relentless NYC media made the booing turn to almost tears because you could not help but feel for the man.

This past season the world now knew what that burden Arod felt was, when the revelation of his name being on the infamous steroid list came to press.

Just if you were not aware, Arod did not have to come clean about his past. It was all just hear-say; because the list is sealed by the US Supreme Court and that would make it illegal, as well as disconcerting for the public to think a document of that stature could be available.

Here is a statement from the Player’s Union, “Information and documents relating to the results of the 2003 MLB testing program are both confidential and under seal by court orders. We are prohibited from confirming or denying any allegation about the test results of any particular player by the court orders. Anyone with knowledge of such documents who discloses their contents may be in violation of those court orders.”

That makes the issue bigger than just baseball as does that mean any sealed court document is that easy to get a peek at?

Arod requested an interview himself with baseball writer Peter Gammons at his Miami home. All that can be said is that takes a hell of a lot of courage to confess something of this nature.

It finally had the boy struggling with Rodriguez, to a man with nothing to hide.

4) The number 27 says it all; as the Yankees make the first year in a new house into a home. Couldn’t have done it better and fans couldn’t have asked for more.

Watch the tribute below that sums it up perfectly: