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That’s exactly what the baseball world got today, with the declaration of the American League MVP today.

The MVP justifiably went to Minnesota Twins Catcher, Joe Mauer.

Mauer had superman-like stats this season, in addition to leading his team, in grabbing a late post-season spot. The Twins played in one of the most dramatic battles for the wild card in baseball history, and that would not have happened without Joe Mauer.

Rightly so, the best player did win by a landslide capturing 27 of the 28 first place votes.

The one lone vote went to Miguel Cabrera of the Tigers who placed fourth on the list. Before Cabrera, was Mark Teixeira followed by his teammate Derek Jeter to take second and third spot, respectively.

My heart was hoping Jeter might win, but Mauer deserves it. He led the AL with a .365 batting average, .444 on-base percentage, .587 Slugging percentage, 28 home-runs, 96 RBI and only the second catcher to win this honor in 33 years.

My sincerest congratulations to the Minnesota Twins, Joe Mauer for a well deserved MVP award.


Landing fourteenth on the list was the great one, Mariano Rivera. This by no means any doubt to the ability or deserving-ness of Mo, but not normal for a reliever to even be in the MVP conversations, it has happened only three other times.

As a Yankee fan, I can dream.

With Mo it would not surprise me and I guess it would be difficult to find many who would argue against that. Rivera is the best ever and it would have been easy to give this man any honor, and this past season he definitely had the numbers to prove it.

Three other Yankees, who also got a nod, were Alex Rodriguez (10) Robinson Cano (18) and CC Sabathia (21).

Congratulations to all the players who got this distinct recognition, as each player named was superb in 2009.

It is a roaster that any player should be extremely pleased to be on, as that is some reputable company to be with.

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